Managing Time Types

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Time Types are used in FYI to categorise the type of time entries created by users.

Time Types are created and assigned to a category. Categories include Chargeable, Non Productive, and Capacity Reducing.

By default, FYI includes a Chargeable Time Type assigned to the Chargeable category. FYI Admins can create custom Time Types for Non Productive and Capacity Reducing categories:

  • Non Productive Time Types may include “General Admin”, “IT Support”, “Tea Break”.
  • Capacity Reducing Time Types may differentiate Leave - for example “Sick Leave”, “Annual Leave”, “Public Holidays”.

Time Types can be archived, excluding the Chargeable Time Type.

Displaying Time Types settings

  1. Select Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Practice settings from the drop-down, then select Time & Invoices.
  3. Go to the Time Types tab.

    The list of default Time Types display.


Adding a New Time Type

  1. From the Time Types list, click Add.
  2. Enter the Name. This is what users will select when creating a time entry.
  3. Select a Category, either Non Productive or Capacity Reducing.


  4. Move the Time Type into the preferred position using the Move up and Move down buttons. The order in which they display here is the order users will see when selecting a Time Type.
  5. Click Create.

Archiving a Time Type

Capacity Reducing and Non Productive Time Types cannot be deleted, they can only be archived. The Chargeable Time Type cannot be edited or archived.

When a Time Type has been archived, it will no longer appear as an option when creating a time entry. Any existing time entries will still appear in their My Time workspace

  1. Select a Time Type from the list to open the Time Type drawer.

  2. Click the Archived minus symbol to change it to a tick.


  3. Click Save. Only active time types will display in the list.

  4. To display archived Time Types, select the Unhide the archived types icon.


Unarchive a Time Type

Archived Time Types can be unarchived so they're available to use again.

  1. From the Time Types list, click the Unhide the archived types icon to display all Time Types in the list.


  2. Select the Time Type to be unarchived to open the drawer.

  3. Click the Archived tick to change it to a minus.


  4. Click Save.
    The Time Type will be unarchived, and available to select when creating Time entries.
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