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The settings for Time & Invoices can be set for your practice to configure how time is used in FYI, and default configurations when invoices are created. 

The Time & Invoices menu option is only available for practices on an FYI Elite plan. The settings can only be changed by an FYI Admin.

Displaying the Time & Invoices Settings

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner. 
  3. Select Practice settings from the drop-down.
  4. Select Time & Invoices.
  5. The Time & Invoices - Settings tab will be displayed.



Enabling this setting enables practices to add time for Task Templates and Automation Steps, so that when tasks are created and then completed a draft timesheet will be automatically created for the Task Assignee. Time can be added as either a Fixed amount, or calculated relative to the total estimated hours for the job.

Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates and Process Step Details - AutoTime.

Time & Invoices

Enabling this setting will provide access to Time Rates so that you can begin creating rates and assigning them to your team. Refer to Invoicing Overview.

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