Announcing new integration with Content Snare


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FYI now integrates with Content Snare, the content and document collection system, providing an easy way to onboard clients, collect documents and get answers, without the endless back and forth. 

What does this mean for FYI users?

Using the integration with Content Snare, you can create a web link in FYI for any requests published in Content Snare. Easy configuration options allow users to configure when files should be sent to FYI, for example, when clients upload files. FYI Cabinets and categories are available to select from in Content Snare, making it easy to automatically file requests sent to FYI. 

Who is this available for?

The Content Snare integration is available for all FYI users on a Pro plan.

For more information, please visit Content Snare.

Want to get started?

An FYI Admin or a user with Automations permissions will first need to connect your FYI account with Content Snare. Refer to Integration with Content Snare.

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