Assigning Time Rates to Users

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Practice Management features for the Elite plan are in Beta for practices in the United Kingdom.

Assigning Time Rates to users, allows each user to select from the appropriate rate when entering chargeable time against a job in FYI.

FYI Admins can assigned multiple rates to each user, one of which can be set as the default rate. When a time entry is created, the default rate for the user automatically displays.

Assigning Rates for Individual Users

  1. Click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Practice settings from the drop-down, then select General.
  3. Click the Users tab.
  4. Click to select a User in the list.
  5. Click the Assign Rates button in the toolbar.

  6. The Assign Time Rates drawer will open.

  7. From the Add Rate dropdown select the rate required for the User. The rate will be displayed at the top of the drawer.

  8. Repeat for any other additional rates required for the user.

  9. To select a rate as the default, click the minus symbol to change it to a tick. The Default Rate is automatically displayed when entering time against a job.

    If you do not want a default rate to display for a user, ensure no rates are set with a tick.

  10. Close the Assign Time Rates drawer when all the Rates have been selected.

  11. The details of assigned rates display in the Activity section of the drawer for the relevant user.

Assigning Rates for Multiple Users

You can update the time rates for multiple users at a time. Using the Bulk Assign Time Rates drawer, you can either select individual users or apply it to all users in the filtered view.

Note: Updating rates for multiple users will remove any existing assigned time rates to ensure that all user accounts match the selected rates.

  1. Use the Filters or View selector to display a list of users to be updated. This step is optional.

  2. Tick two or more users in the User List by either ticking the rows individually or using the Select All option.

  3. Click the Assign Rates button in the toolbar.


  4. The Bulk Assign Time Rates drawer will be displayed.


  5. Select the rates to be applied to users from the Add Rate drop-down.
    Note: If no Rates are selected, all Rates currently assigned to the users will be removed.

  6. From the Apply to option, choose whether the changes should be applied to the selected users only, or the users in the filtered view.

  7. Click Run.

  8. The updates will be applied, and a Confirmation window displayed.

View Assigned Rates

The Time Rates assigned to a user can only be viewed by clicking the Assign Rates button. Rates are not visible in the User Profile drawer when used to edit user settings.

  1. Select the User from the list.
  2. Click Assign Rates to display the drawer.

  3. Any Time Rates already assigned to the user will be displayed at the top of the drawer. The Default Rate is indicated by a green tick.

Unassigning Rates for Users

The Time Rates assigned to a user can only be removed by clicking the Assign Rates button and removing the relevant rates for the user.

    1. Select the User from the list.
    2. Click Assign Rates to display the drawer.
    3. Click the X alongside each rate to be removed for the selected user.

    4. The rate will be removed immediately and all changes are visible in the Activity section of the User Profile for the relevant users.
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