August 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions.



  • We have released New Collaborate for all users. You can now take advantage of the exciting new update, offering an interactive client portal to securely share documents with clients, and more. This update is available for all FYI users on a Pro Plan. Refer to New Collaborate Overview

    Existing users of Legacy Collaborate should refer to the articles in Migrating to New Collaborate for details on how to upgrade.

  • We have launched the New Collaborate Learn Course to support the release of New Collaborate.  Available to all FYI users, the Collaborating with Clients course teaches users how to effectively collaborate with clients from a dedicated client portal, sharing documents, co-editing files, and more. Refer to Learn.


  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, to provide greater visibility over the XPM Rate Limits, we have added more visibility over sync requests used by the integration. When performing a Client or Job Bulk Update, FYI now displays the estimated available requests remaining before reaching the daily limit set by XPM. If the rate limit has been reached, FYI will display an approximate time for when the daily limits will be refreshed.

    This update also removes the automatic retry process, where previously FYI would retry failed synchronisations 3 times before displaying an alert. To save on unnecessary requests, FYI now includes a manual "Retry" button in Practice Activity. Once users have investigated and resolved the cause of the error, they will then be able to retry the sync.

    Refer to Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting.


  • Error messages in Practice Activity will now advise if synchronisations to Xero Practice Manager of Custom Fields or Jobs failed due to XPM rate limits.
  • The Timesheet synchronisation with Xero Practice Manager has been improved to prevent duplicates from being created in XPM.
  • Automation Processes with two "Alter Documents" steps now run successfully, where the second "Alter Document" step references the document from the first "Alter Document" step. 
  • We have improved the performance of the Clients and Task lists to avoid rows sporadically flashing a "Loading" message.



  • When NowInfinity documents are signed, the signed version will be imported into FYI and replace the original unsigned document. As per the existing process, the Workflow Status of the document in FYI will be updated to "Client Signed". Refer to Import from NowInfinity

  • We have improved the FYI Sync Desktop App to display the FYI Connection details for the User and the Practice. It's also now easier to log in as a different user by clicking the "Change" button to select a different user account. Refer to FYI Practice Sync Desktop App.


  • We have improved Notifications to prevent users from receiving duplicate notifications for the same task.
  • When deleting Unmatched Clients, the pop-up window now displays the correct number of documents to be removed. Please note, this error only impacted the count of documents on the pop-up window, and the correct documents were removed during the process.
  • When using Bulk Export, United Kingdom users can now connect to the Amazon Web Services S3 server successfully.
  • We have resolved an issue where filtering Jobs could display incorrect or duplicate Job States in the Filter list.
  • Automations with a Create Task step will display the name of the Assignee, and not "NI Number".



  • FYI is now integrated with Content Snare, a content and document collection system designed to make it easy to gather documents without the back-and-forth. Using the integration, web links will be created in FYI for any requests published using Content Snare. Clients, Cabinets and Categories are also synchronised. This integration is available for all FYI users on a Pro plan. Refer to Integration with Content Snare.


  • We've introduced new Relative Date Filters to Lists and Views: Last Financial Year, This Financial Year, Last Quarter, and This Quarter. These new filters can be used to dynamically filter your List or View based on the current date, including Jobs, Documents, Clients, and Tasks lists.

    Any Filters and Views used in Automations can use these options, along with Date Custom Fields used to auto-complete tasks through automation processes. For an example of how to select the Relative Filters refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists and AutoComplete Tasks.

  • You can now select the Financial Year Start date from Practice Settings - General to ensure the new Financial Year Relative Filters return data that matches the correct time period. This means that if the day and month of "01/04" is entered for the Financial Year Start, filtering by "This Financial Year" will return results from the 1st of April onwards. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.

  • For our clients integrated with APS, we're introduced greater control over the synchronisation of Custom Fields. Where custom fields were previously included with the client sync, a separate Custom Fields toggle will allow users to enable or disable the Custom Field sync as required. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with APS (Australia and New Zealand).



  • We have updated the Practice Settings menu for FYI Admins, with better separation of configuration options making it easier to find the relevant settings. The Admin menu has been renamed to General, and in addition to the current Documents menu, we have introduced a new Jobs menu.

    Refer to Practice Settings General, Practice Settings Documents, and Practice Settings Jobs.

    Settings can now be found within the following menus (click on the menu name for more details):
General Documents Jobs
Practice Settings Document Settings Job Settings
Account Cabinets Mappings
Custom Fields Categories Job States
Devices Export  
Tasks Refile  
Users Refile Advanced  
User Groups Tags  
  • Custom Merge Fields no longer require the Source prefix when using the merge field to insert data into documents and templates.

    For example, in Email Templates the merge field "XPM_custom_Client_Start_Date" can now be added as just "custom_Client_Start_Date". For Excel Merge Names, the field "FYI_xpm_Client_Level" can be added as "FYI_Client_Level".

    Existing merge fields with the Source prefix are not impacted and will continue to function as intended. Users can update the merge fields to remove the source prefix if preferred.

    We have also removed the Source column from the Custom Fields list, and when selecting Merge Fields to add to Email Templates and Signatures, Custom Fields are now available in the Custom group (previously called the XPM group). 

    Refer to Managing Custom Fields and Including Merge Fields in Email Templates and Signatures.

  • You can now copy and open existing views from the Managing Views list, with new buttons on the toolbar making it faster to create and edit your views. Refer to Managing Views.



  • The FuseSign integration will now always synchronise Contact Mobile Numbers from FYI to FuseSign, allowing practices to take full advantage of SMS functionality. If the contact already exists in FuseSign, the mobile number will be updated instead of creating a new contact. Refer to Integration with FuseSign.

  • The MYOB Practice Sync settings can now be configured to synchronise the Accountant Responsibility field from MYOB with a client custom field in FYI. If there is no value in the settings, the data will not be synchronised, and the custom field will not be updated. 

    Note: All practices already using the MYOB Practice Sync integration will have this field set automatically, and will continue to synchronise the Accountant Responsibility field.

    Refer to Practice Sync Integration with MYOB AE/AO (AUS and NZ).

  • When adding a client to Collaborate - Sharing Settings, the Create Email drawer will no longer open to send an email to the newly added recipients. This change will improve efficiency, with practices able to choose to send an invitation to the Collaborate site once clients have been added and all required documents have been shared. Refer to Sharing the Share Folder and Upload Folder with Clients.

  • For practices using New Collaborate, we have hidden the "Share Folder" Merge Field from the Email Editor when selecting merge fields. The best-practice recommendation is to share the Collaborate Site Link with clients rather than a direct link to the Share Folder. Clients can bookmark the link for the future, and easily access both Share and Upload folders while also taking advantage of any other features added to the Collaborate site.

    The Upload Folder link will still be available from the merge fields, so you can continue to send clients a direct link to that folder so they can easily send files to your practice.

    Existing email templates using the Share Folder merge field will not be impacted, and the merge field will still send the link to recipients accordingly. However, we recommend updating Email Templates to replace the Share Folder link with the Collaborate Site Link instead. Refer to Setting up Collaborate Email Templates.

  • We have improved the New Collaborate Status Check to display the selected Microsoft Group applied to Client Folders (as per the Collaborate configuration settings). If a custom group has been selected, the Status window will show the assigned users so that FYI Admins can confirm the correct settings have been applied. Refer to Checking your New Collaborate Status.


  • We have resolved an issue where in specific circumstances the Clients - All Clients list view would display an "ERR" error. The view is now displayed correctly to show all clients.
  • We have improved the performance of the Practice Activity screen when sorting by columns to avoid rows sporadically displaying "Loading".
  • The CCH Practice Management Sync will check all users and clients for changes regardless of the date modified, with any updates synced with FYI.
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