July 2023: What's New and Improved


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This month we've released new time-saving features to FYI, as well as added some new Relative Date filter options, a new integration with Cloudoffis, and more.

To make it faster for users to navigate through FYI, we've added new right-click toolbars to multiple areas in FYI:

In addition to that, we've also added a new Open Template link to the Automation Process steps, so that users can easily open up the Template used in the process. This is perfect for when there are amendments to be made and saves the user from manually having to navigate to the Templates list and search for the correct template. The Open Template link is available for process steps for Emails, Spreadsheets, Word, and PDF Templates. Refer to Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks.

We've updated both Lists and Views with new Relative Date filters - Last Month and This Month. These new options dynamically filter the results automatically based on the current date. For example, Jobs with a Due Date within the current calendar month. 

We've also released a new integration with Cloudoffis, a Saas-based solution for Accountants and Auditors to help with their SMSF Processes. This integration is available to all Australian and New Zealand users on an FYI Pro plan. To learn more refer to Integration with Cloudoffis (Australia and New Zealand only).

Other recent highlights include:

  • A new Edit Status column for Documents to view and filter documents by whether they're in Client Co-Edit, Co-Edit or Editing mode. For our Collaborate users, this allows your team to review which documents should be followed up, or finish the Client Co-edit mode to file the document back into FYI. Refer to Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists and Adding, Removing and Moving Columns in the Documents Lists.

  • For our FYI Admins, we've released an update to Views. You can now control the Status (Draft, Active or Archived) and use the Available For option to select whether a view should be available in Lists or restricted to Automations only. Refer to Managing Views.

  • Continuing with the enhancements to Views, we've also added additional columns to the Practice Settings - Documents - Views tab: Created on, Modified on, and Modified by. Refer to Managing Views.

  • We've expanded the CCH Practice Sync to create Client Groups in FYI using the Parent Client from CCH. When entities are synchronised, if an entity is listed as a Parent Client the entity will be created as a Client Group, with all Child Clients added as a member of the Client Group in FYI. Refer to Displaying Information for Client Groups and Synchronising Clients, Users and Jobs with CCH (United Kingdom only).

  • We've also improved the ability to self-manage your FYI Account with an update to the Billing page. On the Admin - Account tab a new card will display your current Customer Name and Billing Email Address. Click Change to update the details as required. Refer to Changing your Plan or your Billing Details.

For further details on the features mentioned above, and other enhancements, refer to July 2023 Release Notes.

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