How do I change a document name?


I have a document that has been filed in FYI called "Notice of Assessment", and want to change the file name to include more details. How do I change the document name?


Using the Drawer in FYI you can manage document details, including the Document Name.

  1. In FYI click the Documents menu to display the Documents List

    492 NL Documents List.gif

  2. Click on a document to display the Drawer

    2327 Time in Document Drawer.gif
  3. Click on the Name of the document. The field will turn grey and become editable, with tick and cross buttons at the bottom right

  4. Edit the document name. To save the changes click the tick button.

  5. To cancel the changes press the x button.

Tip: The Automation Process Step, "Alter Document", can be used to automate this process if required. Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

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