How much storage space does Collaborate need on SharePoint?


How much storage space do I need on SharePoint to ensure I have enough room allocated for documents?


The amount of storage space required depends on your individual practice. For example:

  • How many clients the practice has.
  • The number of documents shared with clients (the average document size is approximately 100kb).
  • The length of time documents will be available on the Collaborate site.
  • If you will be adding any additional content to the Collaborate site, for example imagery, or any apps and web parts. Refer to Customising your New Collaborate site on SharePoint.

Microsoft controls the amount of storage space available, based on the number of licenses purchased. Refer to the Microsoft article SharePoint Limits.

To calculate the amount of space required, we recommend reviewing your practice client list, and the average number of documents shared. Assuming the 100kb average size of documents, you will be able to calculate an estimated size needed for documents.

We also recommend implementing a Data Retention Policy to automatically remove documents after a specified timeframe, saving on space. Refer to Configuring a SharePoint Data Retention Policy for New Collaborate.

Global Administrators can also add additional storage space if required. Refer to the Microsoft article Manage site storage limits in SharePoint in Microsoft 365.


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