FYI Help Centre Update Rollout


We're excited to announce some major updates to the FYI Help Centre. This fresh new design offers FYI users an improved experience with easier navigation and faster, more accessible content. We've added additional FYI resource links to the home page, including the Automation Library, so users can continue to introduce time-saving benefits to their everyday working lives.

The implementation of the Help Centre update will become available over several updates. We've covered the stages below and will continue to update users before the changes are released.

Rollout of the Help Centre Update


Release Timings

Release 1: Released 17/07/2023

Release 2: TBA

Release 3: TBA

We will communicate all future release dates via the Facebook User Group.

Video Sneak Peek

What does this mean for FYI users?

Users will have an improved experience using the Help Centre, with new and enhanced functionality, including:

  • Branding update, with a fresh new design.

  • Redesigned Home Page bringing access to key resources and links, for example, the Automation Library, and upcoming events.

  • Announcements to see the latest news at a glance.

  • Access to our FYI Community to connect with thousands of other FYI users.

  • New article layout with a sticky Table of Contents to access content within an article quickly. The current section will be highlighted as you scroll, so you'll always know where you are within an article.

  • New sidebar making it faster to navigate through all the content the Help Centre has to offer.

  • Ability to filter Search Results by feature to refine search results to more relevant content.

Please note: while we're introducing new visuals and functionality, links to articles remain the same. This may change as we focus on improving the structure of the Help Centre. More information will be provided before any changes are made.

What's next?

We'll be releasing more features in the future, including updates to Learning Resources, and an improved structure and categorisation of articles.

We will communicate all future release dates via the Facebook User Group.

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