July 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions.



  • You can now manage whether Practice Activity Views are available for Lists or Automations from the drawer on the Practice Settings - Documents - Views tab.
  • We have improved the Notification Process to avoid duplicate email notifications from automation processes. 
  • We have resolved an issue where Practice Activity displayed an incorrect warning about Xero Practice Manager being connected but not set as the Practice Management source.  



  • You can now view and filter documents by Edit Status to easily identify documents currently in Co-edit, Client Co-edit, or Editing mode. For our Collaborate users, this allows your team to review which documents should be followed up with the client, or finish the Client Co-edit mode to file the document back into FYI. Edit Status is available as both a Column and a Filter on the Documents List. Refer to Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists and Adding, Removing and Moving Columns in the Documents Lists.

  • We have introduced greater functionality when creating and managing Views for FYI Admins, with the introduction of two new settings, Status and Available For. Standard users will continue to see their views as usual, and will not be impacted by this change.

    The new Status option allows views to be set as Draft, Active, or Archived. Views marked as Draft and Archived will be hidden from users on Lists and in Automations. The Available For option allows FYI Admins to control whether a View should be available for Lists and/or Automations.  Unticking the "Lists" option will hide the view from the View selector on Lists for all users. Similarly, unticking "Automations" will hide the View from Automation Processes for all users. Refer to Managing Views.

    Note: As part of introducing the new options, all existing views will be set as Active and Available For - Lists will be ticked to ensure there is no interruption to current functionality. 


  • We've updated the Collaborate settings to display the URL of the new Collaborate Site so that FYI Admins no longer need to check SharePoint for the link. For existing Collaborate users, you will need to configure the existing site and follow the wizard to the end before the link will be displayed. Refer to Configuring the FYI New Collaborate App.


  • When synchronising with MYOB, if an employee is assigned the responsibility of "Accountant", this user will be selected in the FYI  "Accountant" Custom Field.
  • When creating a new Job, changes to the Start Date will be retained when the job is saved.
  • When synchronising with CCH Practice Management, only Open jobs for active clients will be synchronised with FYI (jobs for archived clients will not be synchronised).



  • We've added new Relative Date Filter Options to Lists and Views: Last Month and This Month. Using these options, you can dynamically filter your List or View based on the current date, including Jobs, Documents, Clients, and Tasks lists.

    "This Month" will show all results for the current month up to the present day, while the "Last Month" option will show results for the previous calendar month.

    Any Filters and Views used in Automations can use these options, along with Date Custom Fields used to auto-complete tasks through automation processes. Refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists for an example of how to select the Relative Filters, and AutoComplete Tasks.


  • We've added new columns to the Practice Settings - Documents - Views tab: Created on, Modified on, and Modified by. Refer to Managing Views.

  • The Mappings - Settings field Workflow Jobs: Assigned User Roles has been renamed to My Jobs: Assigned User Roles. For more information refer to Managing Mappings.


  • The My Starred counter will only count individual documents and emails in Threads and Stapled Documents that have been starred, and not the entire thread. For example, if there are four emails in the thread but only two of those emails have been starred, the My Starred tab will show a count of 2. Collapsing the thread into a single record will still show the individual count i.e. a count of 2.
  • When uploading a new version of a document and then exporting the document, the new version of the document will be exported.
  • FYI Support user accounts are now excluded from the Active Employee view when running Prework Automations. Just a reminder - these accounts are only created when there is an active support request that requires access to a database and will be removed at the end of the day.



  • FYI is now integrated with Cloudoffis, offering Saas-based solutions to Accountants and Auditors, helping with their SMSF processes. This integration is available to all Australian and New Zealand users on an FYI Pro plan. To learn more refer to Integration with Cloudoffis (Australia and New Zealand only).



  • When creating an email in Outlook, you can only pre-file the email to the required client and cabinet when the email content is saved. If the email content is blank or the email is still synchronising to the Outlook Exchange Server, an alert will be displayed in the Outlook FYI Drawer.
  • If a user's Outlook "FYI - Drafts" folder is missing (either deleted or renamed) clicking "Fix Me" in the  User Settings - Status tab will restore the folder.
  • We have improved the performance of the synchronisation to Xero Practice Manager to better handle large numbers of Workflow Jobs.
  • Emails created by an Automation Process using an Email Template with a single quote (') in a Merge Field will no longer display an error "Merge Field formatting invalid".
  • When deleting a Document, any tasks associated with the document will remain in FYI. After the document has been removed overnight, the Task Activity will be updated to show the associated document was deleted. 
  • We have restored the ability to synchronise Matters using APS Practice Sync.
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