June 2023: What's New and Improved



We're excited to announce several new features and enhancements have been added to FYI this month, adding more value and time-saving efficiencies to FYI practices.

New integrations are now available with My Workpapers and Cimplico Workpapers (Australia and New Zealand only). These integrations offer the ability to easily attach files in FYI to your workpapers. An FYI Pro plan is required, and more information can be found at the following links:

In addition to that, we've introduced a new Send for Signature automation process step. Combined with the ability to convert documents to PDF, you can now streamline the entire process of creating a document and sending it to your client for signing. The new Automation Step is compatible with all connected Signature Services integrated with FYI. Refer to Process Step Details - Converting to PDF and Send for Signature.

Other recent highlights include:

  • Share documents without emailing clients using the Share No Email feature. Documents will be uploaded to OneDrive, Collaborate or myprosperity, without prompting an email notification. This function is also available as an Automation Step so that documents can be automatically shared as required. Refer to Sharing Documents via CollaborateSharing Documents with Clients (Beta)Process Step Details - Share No Email, and Sharing Documents via myprosperity.

  • We've launched a new Learn course, Managing Jobs & Recording Time. Available to all FYI users, this new course offers all practices a valuable new resource for getting the most out of FYI. We recommend this course for all new users, but in addition, existing users can use the course to refresh their skills. Refer to FYI Learn.

  • When using Document Threads, you can now select "Delete Latest Document Only" to delete only the most recent document instead of the entire thread (emails will need to be in Draft mode). Refer to Managing Document and Email Threads.

  • You can now send Summary Notifications to Microsoft Teams for Clients, Jobs, Tasks, Documents, and Practice Activity. Information is displayed as a Card in Teams, with a link to Open View to open FYI. Refer to Integration with Microsoft Teams.

  • The ATO SmartDocs integration is now available for users on the FYI Intermediate plan, making it easy to import documents from the ATO directly into FYI. Refer to Integration with ATO SmartDocs.

For further details on the features mentioned above, and other enhancements, refer to June 2023 Release Notes.

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