Building your App Stack | Showcase (July 2023)


Leverage a range of integrations in FYI to automate data capture, and sync your clients, client groups, jobs and team info for one source of truth practice-wide.

This 30-minute webinar takes you through some key apps and how you can integrate them to digitalise your client signature process and more.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Integration management ā€“ how to locate, navigate and troubleshoot your integrations with FYI for peace of mind and efficient operations.
  • Leveraging integrations ā€“ how to use your integrations in your day-to-day processes to #MakeItCount.

Click below to play a full recording of the webinar (30 minutes).

Useful Links & Resources

To view the apps and processes that were demonstrated in this webinar refer to:

To integrate your app stack, visit the Apps and Integrations section in Help. For more about automations, visit the Process Automation section in Help.

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