Managing Jobs and Recording Time | Showcase (July 2023)


Leverage a range of features in FYI to simplify and centralise job management for #MaximumEffiency.

This 30-minute webinar explores how you can visualise your work, update job states in just a few clicks, and monitor time spent versus budget and job progress, you’ll know where every job stands across your entire team.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Navigating & managing Jobs – using custom views to quickly segregate work to team, state or category and a look at using the Board view.
  • Using your dedicated Jobs Workspace – centralise all details and documents you need for a job seamlessly and use Task & Comments for streamlined job management.
  • Recording and managing time - how you can easily record and manage your time all within FYI.

Click below to play a full recording of the webinar (30 minutes).


Useful Links & Resources

To learn more about Jobs & Time, complete the new Learn Course Managing Jobs & Recording Time section in Help. And for detailed information regarding Jobs & Time in FYI refer to the Jobs & Time section in Help.

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