Working with Documents | Showcase (July 2023)


Leverage a range of features in FYI to take your document management to the next level with time-saving digital processes. Not only will your practice be truly paperless, but your team will also be super productive. With processes like these, working with documents has never been so easy.

In this 30-minute webinar, we show you how to create standard documents at #lightspeed and maintain full document history so nothing gets lost, how to use powerful search tools to sort, filter and access information fast, and work better with documents as a team.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Creating & editing documents ā€“ the various ways to create documents, tips and tricks as well as closing the loop recommendations.
  • Reviewing documents ā€“ the quick and easy digital review process for your documents.
  • Locating and other tips for documents - how to navigate to locate your documents quickly no matter where you are as well as other useful tips and tricks.

Click below to play a full recording of the webinar (30 minutes).

Useful Links & Resources

To learn more about Documents, visit the Learning Resources section in Help. And for detailed information regarding Documents in FYI refer to the Documents section in Help.

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