Process Step Details - Share No Email

The Share No Email process step enables documents to be shared automatically without sending an email to a client, for example, if you wish to share documents first and email the client at a later stage.

Documents will be uploaded to the client's folder on the Collaborate site, or if using Legacy Collaborate, the client's OneDrive folder.

Share No Email

In the Share No Email step, the Attachments field is used to select one or more documents to be shared.


When selecting a Document to share, you can select from:

  • The Trigger Document - a document retrieved by the view in the filter.
  • Any Documents created or converted by steps earlier in the automation process.

In the following example, the Process has multiple steps for documents. One or more of these files can be selected to be shared.


The Send attachment(s) field allows you to select how documents will be shared, using either Collaborate or myprosperity. Refer to Sharing Documents with Clients and Sharing Documents via myprosperity.

Note: The client will need to have been created in myprosperity before a document can be sent. For details on how to create a client, refer to Integration with myprosperity.

The Attachment as PDFs and Co-edit with Client options will be displayed if sharing files using Collaborate. Click to toggle these options to use these features. 

When the process step is run the file will be shared to either OneDrive or your New Collaborate Site without triggering an email to the client.

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