Announcing new integration with My Workpapers



FYI now integrates with My Workpapers, a leading cloud-based workpapers platform for accountants and auditors.

Offering customisable working paper content packs, including Year-end and Audit from Mercia and HAT Group, MyWorkpapers unlocks the full benefits of the cloud – delivering smoother workflows, greater standardisation, and significant efficiencies.

What does this mean for FYI users?

The integration with My Workpapers offers a number of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Quickly import documents from FYI to engagement files within My Workpapers.
  • Easily search by Client Name, Cabinet, and/or Year, making it fast and simple to find files in FYI.

Who is this available for?

This integration is available for all users of FYI on the Pro Plan.

For more information visit My Workpapers

Want to get started?

An FYI Admin, or a user with Automations permissions, will need to connect your integration to My Workpapers. Refer to Integration with My Workpapers.

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