Product Update (June 2023)


This 45-minute webinar introduces some exciting new features, provides a deep dive into New Collaborate and exciting announcements for the evolution of FYI.

You can watch the full 45-minute recording here.

For those short on time, here is a quick recap.

What's new in automations

We've introduced a new End of Month option for Automations and bulk updates to Client and Jobs date fields. This option is available for Job Start and Due Dates, and any Custom Fields using the "Date" type. When the update is performed, the last day of the current month will be selected, or if running an Automation process, the last day of the month when the process runs. Refer to Setting up Automation Processes, Clients Bulk Update, or Jobs Bulk Update.

We've added the Budget Summary Report to the "Client Ledger Reports AutoFile" Custom Automation process. If you have already activated this automation process you will need to reset back to the initial settings to add the report. If you have customised the process, for example, modified the filing details, you can click Add Step and manually add the report to your process without losing your changes.

Our library of automations continues to grow and we're excited to present a new section dedicated to Data Integrity as well as key automations, in time for the new Australian financial year, for Job Rollover and Bookkeeping processes. Refer to Automations Library.

What's new in integrations

We are excited to announce our recent integration with two new Workpaper partners, Cimplico & CCH Workpapers, allowing a seamless flow of data and files between FYI and these app partners for simplified workpaper preparation.

Our highly anticipated integration with Xplan has been launched allowing you to now import critical financial documents into FYI to file. Refer to Integration with Xplan.

We’ve added new functionality to the Client - Tax Tab for our Australian and New Zealand users. There are additional columns and filters available, including Estimated Income or Payable/Refundable, Income and Income Variance, and more. Refer to Client Tax (Australia and New Zealand).

The Microsoft Teams integration will now send Summary Notifications for Clients, Jobs, Tasks, Documents, and Practice Activity. The summary information will be displayed as a Card in teams, and an Open View button will direct the user to FYI. Refer to Integration with Microsoft Teams.

More Support & Education

We continue to expand our educational resources and experiences for our practices, to ensure you’re empowered to get the most out of FYI.

Announcing our new Learn Course, Jobs & Time. This course provides on-demand training for managing jobs and recording time in FYI. This course is available today and we recommend all our users to complete this amazing new course. Refer to Learn.

We’ve expanded our Learning Resources! We know everyone learns differently and now we have a vast array of content to deliver in a style that best suits you. Refer to Learning Resources.

What's new for FYI Administrators

There have been several enhancements released to improve the platform including a change to XPM synchronisations, these are now scheduled to run daily at 8 pm depending on your location. Refer to What time does FYI synchronise with Xero Practice Manager?

We’ve enhanced Practice Activity to include more details in the "Action Required" window for Job errors to resolve any failures, for example, if there was a job with an invalid user. Refer to Practice Activity for more information.

When sending emails from FYI using the Draft in Outlook option, emails will be immediately marked as Delivered in FYI. In addition, the Workflow will be marked as Completed, and the grey "Draft" icon will not be displayed in FYI. Emails can be managed through Outlook from that point on. Once sent, any changes will be updated in FYI. For transparency the Activity section in the drawer will display an entry "Marked as Sent: (method)", for example, "Marked as Sent: Draft in Outlook", and the sender details.

Note: Please review any Automations using auto-complete actions. These steps may be impacted by the Delivery state immediately changing to "Sent".

You asked for it and we’ve brought it back, Task Grouping has returned. The "Group" view is available again for your My Tasks tab in the Home workspace. In addition to the List and Board views, you can now click the Group button to group tasks by Past Due, Today, and Upcoming. Refer to Using the Tasks Group.

Deep dive into NEW Collaborate

Taking our Collaboration tool to the next level, New Collaborate allows for a more defined portal experience that can be branded with a permanent location for easy sharing and access by your clients.

We covered the key differences between Old and New Collaborate, before taking a deep dive into how to configure New Collaborate for your practice and customising your new portal. We also walk through the sharing experience both from the practice point of view and for your clients.

What's next

We also lifted the lid on our product roadmap to give you a look into some of the exciting new features on the horizon. Watch the recording above to find out more about what’s coming next for FYI.

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