What happens to the New Collaborate Share folder if my client's name changes?


By default, the first level of the New Collaborate folder structure is the Client's Name followed by the Client Identifier, for example, "Marshall, Frank-17422603".

If the client's name changes, including if changed in practice management software and then synchronised to FYI, what happens to the folder on the Collaborate site?


FYI will detect when the name of the client no longer matches the name of the folder on the New Collaborate site and display an alert on the Client Settings window.

To update the Share Folder, you will need to do the following:

  1. In FYI, open the Client Workspace for the relevant client
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. The Collaborate Folder Name is displayed with a warning
  4. Click Fix it

The SharePoint folder will be updated accordingly.

If you previously sent a link to the Share Folder, you will need to email the client the new link (permission levels will be retained). This can be done by removing the client from the Sharing Settings window and re-adding them. Refer to Sharing the Share Folder and Upload Folder with Clients.

If you sent the client the Site Link (to the Collaborate Site Homepage) the new folder will be accessible immediately by clicking the "Documents" menu at the top. The client will only see folders they have permission to access.

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