Renaming a Client with New Collaborate Shared Folder and Files

If a client has been renamed, the following steps must be performed to ensure that clients can continue to access files and folders on the New Collaborate site successfully.

  1. Close documents and Finish Editing/Finish Client Co-Edit on the document in FYI.
  2. Click "Fix It" to rename the Client Folder on Sharepoint.
  3. Re-share links to the Share Folder on Collaborate.
  4. Update documents converted to PDF.

If the client was sent the Site Link to the Collaborate Site Homepage, the client will be able to access the new Client Folder immediately by clicking the Documents menu at the top. 

Step 1 - Close documents and Finish Editing/Finish Client Co-Edit

If documents are currently being edited, Microsoft will put a lock on the document. The name of the client folder in the New Collaborate site on SharePoint cannot be updated before these files have been closed, and the lock has been removed.

Note: For any documents currently in Client Co-Edit, ensure you have confirmed clients have also closed the documents.

Refer to the following articles for instructions on how to finish editing or co-editing a document:

Step 2 - Click "Fix It" to rename the Client Folder on Collaborate

FYI will detect when the name of the client no longer matches the name of the folder on the New Collaborate site and display an alert on the Client Settings window.

  1. In FYI, open the Client Workspace for the relevant client.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

  3. Click Fix it next to the Collaborate Folder Name.

The SharePoint folder will be updated accordingly.

If the error reoccurs, please wait 15-20 minutes before retrying (as Microsoft may not have yet released the lock on the documents).

Step 3 - Re-share links to the Share Folder

Share Folder

If you previously sent a link to the Share Folder, you will need to email the client the new link (permission levels will be retained).

This can be done by obtaining the new link from the Share Settings in Collaborate.

  1. In FYI, open the Client Workspace for the relevant client.

  2. Click the Collaborate tab.

  3. Click the Share Settings button.

  4. From the Options button, click Share Link.
    1040 Shared Settings copy link.gif
  5. The link will be copied to your clipboard. Email this link to your clients to let them know the link has changed.

Refer to Resending the Folder Links Manually

Note: Direct links to individual documents will not be impacted, excluding documents converted to PDF during upload to the New Collaborate site. Refer to Step 4 below.

Client Co-Edit (optional)

If required, documents that had been previously shared with clients in Client Co-Edit can now be re-shared with the client.

Refer to Co-Editing a Document with a Client

Step 4 - Update documents converted to PDF

Where a document has been converted to a PDF when being uploaded to the New Collaborate Client Folder, after the client has been renamed, using a direct link to the file will display an error.

To access the PDF document, the client will need to:

  • Use the Recent Documents section on the New Collaborate site Home Page (available when a client has been shared a document only and not the entire Share Folder), or
  • Use the Documents menu to open the Client Folder and open the file

To create a new link, documents will need to be re-shared and converted to PDF. Refer to Sharing Documents with Clients.

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