June 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions.



  • For our Collaborate and myprosperity users, you can now share documents without emailing clients using the new Share No Email feature. Documents will be uploaded to either OneDrive or for our New Collaborate Beta users, your New Collaborate (Beta) Site. This new function is also available as an Automation Process step. Refer to Sharing Documents via Collaborate, Sharing Documents with Clients (Beta), Process Step Details - Share No Email, and Sharing Documents via myprosperity.

  • You can now hide empty Custom Fields on the Client - Custom Fields and Job - Custom Fields tabs. Your selection preference will be remembered the next time you visit the same tab (referred to as "Sticky"). Refer to Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields.

  • We have added a new Open in new tab option when right-clicking on links for Client, Client Group, or Job.

    Depending on the Workspace the user is currently in within FYI, the corresponding workspace will be automatically opened in the new tab. For example, if the user is on the Jobs List and right-clicks on the Client, the Client - Jobs Workspace will open in a new browser tab.

    This option is available on Documents, Tasks, Clients and Jobs lists, in all workspaces. Refer to Using the Documents List as an example.

  • When managing Automation Processes and selecting a Filter, you can now click the Open View icon to open your view in a new tab. This allows you to easily display the view that the automation will run from. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.

  • When deleting a Threaded Document, we have changed the button text from "Header Only" to "Latest Document Only" so that it's easier to select which document/s will be deleted. Refer to Managing Document and Email Threads.


  • Email Attachments, excluding attachments sent via Collaborate, will not have a version number added to the end of the file name.
  • Practice Activity will display an alert if the connection with GreatSoft has expired.
  • Emails can now be created and sent without encountering an error that merge fields are invalid.
  • When adding Time entries to a Document the user's name is correctly displayed.
  • The TIFF file format is now available to select performing a Document Search to add attachments to an email.
  • Groups on the My Tasks or Delegated Tasks tabs will be retained (sticky) when visiting the Tasks Workspace and returning to the My Tasks/Delegated Tasks page.




  • FYI is now integrated with My Workpapers,  a leading cloud-based workpapers platform for accountants and auditors. You can now import files directly from FYI to attach to engagement files within My Workpapers.  This integration is available to all FYI users on a Pro plan. To learn more refer to Integration with My Workpapers.


  • We've introduced a new Automation process step, Send for Signature, for PDF documents. Using this process step, you can now save time by automatically sending PDF documents to signature services connected to FYI. Refer to Process Step Details - Converting to PDF and Send for Signature.

  • For Document Threads in the Document List, you can now select whether to delete the latest document only or all documents in the thread. For emails, this latest email will need to be in Draft mode. Refer to Managing Document and Email Threads.




  • We have launched a new Managing Jobs & Recording Time Learn course. Available to all FYI users, this new course will guide users through everything they need to know to manage jobs and record time in FYI. Refer to FYI Learn.


  • The Jobs List can now be grouped by Custom Fields. The view can be saved and exported in Excel as required. This feature is available for Custom Fields Types of Checkbox, Drop-down, Text and User. Refer to Grouping Jobs Lists.

  • We've added a new Created By column to the Views tab so that FYI Admins can now see which staff member created individual views. Refer to Managing Views.

  • When viewing tasks in the My Tasks - Group view, the Client Group column has been added to the left of the Client name. Refer to Using the Tasks Group.


  • The BGL Import will now ignore spaces in Business Numbers when importing documents.
  • When running an Automation Process using the "add_interval" formula of "-1" in merge fields will calculate the correct date, for example, -1 month will result in the previous month.
  • The Clients - Tax tab now allows Date columns to use the Fixed filter, including when there are rows with no Payable Date.




  • When integrated with Microsoft Teams you can now send Summary Notifications for Clients, Jobs, Tasks, Documents, and Practice Activity. The summary information will be displayed as a Card in Teams, and an Open View button will direct the user to FYI. Refer to Integration with Microsoft Teams.

  • We've improved the Delete Tasks message to remind users that Tasks cannot be restored, and are permanently deleted from FYI. Refer to Updating Tasks from Lists.

  • In an update to Workflow Jobs, once the feature has been enabled it cannot be disabled for practices. We recommend that you review the feature to determine its suitability for your practice before enabling it. Refer to Workflow Jobs.

  • We have updated the ATO SmartDocs integration to now be available for users on the Intermediate plan. This integration allows you to import documents from the ATO into FYI. Refer to Integration with ATO SmartDocs.

  • FYI now supports TIFF images in the Documents Lists. The Document List can be filtered by the TIFF File Type (the view can be saved), with TIFFs identified by an image icon. TIFF files can be previewed from within FYI if the user has the "Preview Office via OneDrive" option enabled in My Settings. Refer to Using the Documents Lists.

  • For implementors, Document Refiling requests are processed now overnight. The exact time the process runs will depend on your location, either Australian Eastern Standard Time or Greenwich Mean Time. Any processes that are still in progress in the morning will continue running until completed, any new processes will not run until that evening. 


  • After an email has been sent using Send Immediately, or via the Draft in Outlook option, the Activity section in the drawer will now display an entry "Marked as Sent: (method)", for example, "Marked as Sent: Draft in Outlook".
  • When sharing files using Collaborate, the file name may now include a version number added as a suffix to the end, for example, Tax_Planning_Workpaper_3.xlsx. This change ensures that the correct permissions are attached to the file, and avoids any potential caching issues. 
  • The synchronisation with NowInfinity has been improved for better handling of larger datasets. 
  • When exporting data from FYI using Bulk Export the report.csv file will display the Last Modified Date and Last Modified User fields for each exported file to show when the file was last updated and by which user.
  • When a contact linked to multiple clients in Xero Practice Manager is removed from one of the clients, the contact will now be removed from the client in FYI.
  • Workflow Rules are now enforced for users when using Bulk Update to ensure that users can only change the workflow level based on their user access.
  • If a Document is in Client Co-Edit, using the Doc Link will open the document in a new browser tab, and not desktop apps.




  • FYI is now integrated with Cimplico Workpapers, a cloud-based Workpapers solution. This integration allows Cimplico Workpapers to synchronise files from FYI into a specific workpaper, and import FYI data into Cimplico Workpapers, including Client Groups, Entities, and Users. This integration is available for Australian and New Zealand users only. To learn more refer to Integration with Cimplico Workpapers.


  • We've added a new "Group" view to the My Tasks tab in the Home workspace. In addition to the List and Board views, you can now click the Group button to group tasks by Past Due, Today, and Upcoming. Refer to Using the Tasks Group.

  • When using an Automation Process to trigger another automation using an "Execute Process" step) an error will be displayed in the History tab if the second process is marked inactive (for example, in draft mode or archived). Refer to Process Step Details - Other Functions.

  • When sending documents to FuseSign, if selecting a contact and the contact doesn't have a Mobile Number, the Phone Number of the contact will be used instead. Refer to Summary of what happens when document(s) are Sent for Signing.


  • The Views tab, in Practice Settings - Documents, now displays archived views to allow users to select and unarchive a view if required.
  • If a Custom Field has been deleted in Xero Practice Manager, then another field is renamed to match the deleted field, during the next sync FYI will update the values in FYI for both Clients and Jobs to match the new Custom Field.
  • When searching in Search groups, clients or jobs in the menu bar, the results now exclude inactive and archived jobs.
  • Clicking the + icon to create a new Spreadsheet or Word document with the Create Phone or Create Email Client Drawer already open will not automatically populate the drawer with the previous client's details.
  • For users of the MYOB AO/AE integration using Practice Sync (available to Australian and New Zealand users only), after a user is created in FYI, the user's active/inactive status will not be changed. 
  • The FYI Practice Sync app now only updates Client Details and Custom Fields for active clients when "Incremental Sync" is enabled.
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