Integration with Cimplico Workpapers (Australia and New Zealand Only)

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Cimplico Workpapers is a compliance workpaper solution for professional accounting firms. Using advanced logic and sophisticated algorithms, Cimplico Workpapers guides users throughout the preparation, review, and approval process, ensuring compliance with quality standards efficiently.

By integrating Cimplico Workpapers with FYI, you can:

  • Onboard your Groups, Entities and Users from FYI into Cimplico Workpapers
  • Synchronise files from FYI into a specific workpaper 

This integration is available to Australia and New Zealand users only.

To find out more visit Cimplico Workpapers.


Before connecting FYI with Cimplico Workpapers, you will need to ensure:

  • You have a "Workpapers" Cabinet - refer to Managing Cabinets
  • You have created Jobs in FYI to link to workpapers in Cimplico Workpapers - refer to Jobs Overview

Connecting Cimplico Workpapers to FYI

To connect Cimplico Workpapers to FYI you will need to:

  • Obtain the Access Key ID and the Access Key Secret from FYI
  • Add the details into Cimplico

Step 1 - Obtain the Access Key ID and the Access Key Secret from FYI

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option
  2. Go to the Apps tab


  3. Click the Cimplico Workpapers cog icon to edit the integration

  4. In the Cimplico Workpapers Integration panel click Create new secret. This will generate a new Access Key ID and Secret Key used to connect to FYI.

  5. The Access Key Secret will be displayed in a pop-up. Click the clipboard icon to copy the key and paste it to Cimplico or a secure location, for example, a vault.
    Important: You will only be able to view the Secret key the first time this window is displayed. If the Key is required again, you will need to disconnect your integration and request a new Key before you reconnect your integration.

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  6. Click Done once you have saved the Secret Key to a secure location.

  7. The Access Key ID will be displayed. Click the clipboard icon to copy and paste the information to Cimplico Workpapers or a secure location.

Note: For this integration, the AutoFile defaults in FYI may be disregarded.


Step 2 - Adding the FYI Access Key ID and Access Key Secret into Cimplico Workpapers

Once you have obtained your details from FYI you can add them into Cimplico Workpapers to connect the two systems.

  1. In Cimplico click the Cog icon in the top right-hand corner 
  2. Click the Integrations tab in the sidebar
  3. Find the FYI Integration tile and click the Configure button
  4. Pass your Access Key ID and Access Key Secret
  5. Click Save

Step 3 - Configure Filing Defaults

In Cimplico Workpapers you will be able to select a default cabinet to be used when automatically matching files to a client. 

Select a cabinet from the drop-down and click Save.

Using the Integration

Cimplico Workpapers gives you the option to import your Client Groups, Entities, and Users from FYI. In addition, you'll be able to select a Financial Year end for each entity, or in bulk. The Cabinet in FYI will be used by Cimplico Workpapers to find Workpapers, with Jobs used to link the workpaper to ensure files appear in the Workpaper they're relevant for. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions, refer to the Cimplico Workpapers article FYI Setup & Onboarding.

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