Can Multi-factor Authentication be configured for FYI users?


We would like to enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for our users when signing into FYI. Is this possible?


Multi-factor Authentication is a security method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to be able to log into a system. When enabled and active, a prompt may appear asking to provide the identity of the user before logging into the system.

Supported Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

FYI supports the Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication solution exclusively.

While we understand that there are various MFA options available on the market, we have carefully chosen Microsoft 365 as our preferred MFA provider due to its robust security features and seamless integration with our platform. 

Note: FYI does not support any other Multi-Factor Authentication solution. Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

Implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

FYI does not control MFA policies - this is managed by IT administrators who can assist in setting up and troubleshooting MFA on the network. Refer to the Microsoft article Set up multifactor authentication for Microsoft 365 or if using a third-party MFA solution, contact the third party directly.

Note: If using a Xero account to log into FYI (typically used in the rare occasions of a Microsoft 365 outage) MFA policies are set by Xero. For information on logging in using Xero refer to the article Alternate Xero login for FYI.

For more information, please contact your IT administrator and refer to the following articles:

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