Can you create an automation schedule to run twice, skip a month, and then run again?


Can I run an automation's scheduled trigger to run once at the start of a month for two months in a row, skip a month and then run again?


For detailed instructions on creating a Custom Automation refer to Setting up Automation Processes

To implement this type of schedule for an automation, you would need to do the following:

  1. Set a Schedule Trigger to start on day 1 of the month, set to run every 3 months 


  2. Add an Email step and update the fields as required including the Template and Filing Details

  3. Add a Delay step of 30 days

  4. Add another Email Step and update the fields as required including the Template and Filing Details

  5. Continue to configure the rest of the process as needed with a Name
  6. When ready click the Draft toggle to activate the autiomation

As an example, using the setup with the automation starting in May, the following would happen:

  1. The first email is sent in May
  2. The automation delay kicks in until the process resumes the next month
  3. The next email is then sent in June
  4. The automation steps are completed for the first run
  5. The automation then pauses until the next scheduled run date (as per the trigger, 3 months after the start date of May, so will run again in August)
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