Duplicate jobs created and error "duplicate key value violates unique constraint" error


When integrated with Xero Practice Manager (XPM), multiple jobs are created for the same client. Looking at the Automation history, the following error may be displayed:

 'update "jobs" set "source" = $1, "source_id" = $2, "details" = $3, "customer_id" = $4, "last_modified_on" = $5 where "jobs"."id" = $6 - duplicate key value violates unique constraint "jobs_customer_source_uniq" - Unknown error'


There is likely a conflict between the Job Codes numbering sequence in Xero Practice Manager and FYI, meaning the next job code to be used has already been previously used. 


Check the next Job Number in Xero Practice Manager is set after the last job created in Xero Practice Manager. Refer to the Xero article Edit job, invoice and quote numbers

If required, increase the job number sequence in Xero Practice Manager to ensure it is a number after the last job code, for example, 001170 may need to be increased to 001182.

Check if the issue has been resolved, and if duplicate jobs are still created, please contact support.

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