Why is the email attachment sent to my client blank?


When sending an email to a client with an attached file, for example, an Excel spreadsheet, if the attachment is opened the file contents are blank.


The file is still marked for editing in FYI, and the contents were unable to be sent to the client.


You will need to save the changes in the file first, wait a short period to allow the file to finish synchronising (this can take between 30-60 seconds), and then click Finish Editing in FYI. The file will be saved into FYI and ready to be shared with clients.

Alternatively, using the FYI Desktop App will open files locally on your machine so that changes are synchronised back to FYI faster.

For more information refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents and Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents with FYI Desktop App.

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