Removing a Shared Document from New Collaborate

When you have shared a document directly using the Share button (refer to Sharing Documents with Clients) you can remove the shared document so the client and contacts no longer have access to it, for example, if an incorrect document was shared. 

If you remove access to the client's folder using the Delete Sharing in the Sharing Settings, this will remove access to the client folders and all documents that were shared individually using the Share button. Refer to Removing Access to the Shared Folders.

Note: If a client is archived, or a document is archived or deleted, the client will continue to have access to the document or any shared folders unless the access is removed.

Removing a Document that has been shared

  1. Search for your client and select the Collaborate tab.

  2. As you cannot delete sharing for any documents still in Client Co-edit, or being edited by staff, check for any documents that need to be marked as finished. Click Finish Client Co-edit or I am finished editing for each document.
    Note: Check the column on the right for icons to indicate the document is being edited or in Client Co-Edit, or add the "Edit Status" column to your view.

  3. Select the document from which you wish to remove share access.

  4. Click the drop-down next to the Share button and select Unshare.


The document will no longer be shared with any clients and will be removed from the Client - Collaborate tab.

Once access has been removed, if the person tries to access the document from the link in an email, they receive a message "Sorry, you don't have access".


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