New Collaborate Permissions

Features of New Collaborate will be available depending on the role and whether access has been granted to that feature. For example, clients will be limited to seeing only the Folders or Documents that have been shared with them.

For staff, they will need to be assigned to a User Group with permission enabled for Share settings in order to send an invitation to a client. 

Feature Permissions by Role

Access to a variety of features of New Collaborate depends on the configuration. For example, if a client has only been sent access to a specific document they will not be able to access all documents stored in that folder. Likewise, clients with access to a folder will only be able to see their unique folder and not all clients.

Note: The OneDrive Admin is also required to be enabled as an FYI Admin.

Feature Clients and Contacts  Staff OneDrive Admin
Configure Collaborate site settings and layout on SharePoint feature-no-cross.svg feature-no-cross.svg feature-yes-tick.svg
Configure Collaborate App settings in FYI feature-no-cross.svg feature-yes-tick.svg* feature-yes-tick.svg
Configure Sharing Email Templates feature-no-cross.svg feature-yes-tick.svg* feature-yes-tick.svg
Share a Document feature-no-cross.svg feature-yes-tick.svg feature-yes-tick.svg
Manage access to the Share Folder feature-no-cross.svg feature-yes-tick.svg* feature-yes-tick.svg
Use the Upload folder on Collaborate site to upload client documents feature-yes-tick.svg feature-no-cross.svg feature-no-cross.svg
View Individual Client Documents on Collaborate site feature-yes-tick.svg** feature-yes-tick.svg feature-yes-tick.svg
View Individual Client Folder on Collaborate Site feature-yes-tick.svg** feature-yes-tick.svg feature-yes-tick.svg
View entire Document Library on Collaborate Site (including all Client folders) feature-no-cross.svg feature-yes-tick.svg feature-yes-tick.svg

* If assigned to a User Group with permission to access the feature

** If an invite to share has been sent to that specific client document or folder

Assigning Sharing Permissions

The client folders can only be shared with a client by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Share Settings.

  1. Select Practice settings and then Admin.
  2. Go to the User Groups tab.
  3. Select the Permissions tab for the relevant User Group and ensure the Share settings option is enabled.


This setting enables the Sharing Settings button in the Client - Collaborate tab. Refer to Share Settings in Managing User Groups and to Managing Users.

1037 NL Client Collaborate tab.gif

Staff access to Client Files

This is relevant for clients where Enable Security is set to "On" in the Client - Security tab.  

By default, all staff will have access to all Client Files on the New Collaborate site. If staff should not be able to access the file, we recommend using alternative means of sharing the file with clients. 

We are continuing to investigate the option of extending this feature in the future to include the ability to segment documents based on staff permissions. 

For more information on restricting access to clients within FYI refer to Client Security.

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