Summary of New Collaborate Folder Structure

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As you invite clients to the Share Folder or share documents, New Collaborate will create folders and files on your SharePoint site. The name of the folders and where these files are stored will depend on your Collaborate app settings, or if the file is in Co-Edit with Client. 

Other than the OneDrive Admin, staff will have read access to these folders. Documents can be added by Sharing Documents in FYI. Refer to Sharing Documents with Clients

To change the folder structure or to add additional folders you will need to create new Cabinets and update the Collaborate Folder structure settings. Refer to Configuring the FYI New Collaborate App.

A default "Upload" folder will also be available for customers to use - refer to Sharing the Share Folder and Upload Folder with Clients.


Collaborate Folder Structure on SharePoint

Folder Setup Details
Document Library This is the default location where SharePoint will create all underlying client folders. If using multiple Document Libraries, you can select which one should be used within the Collaborate settings in FYI. Refer to Configuring the FYI New Collaborate App.
Share Folder

As documents are shared with clients, a folder within the Document Library will be created for each client. This is what we refer to as the "Share Folder".

The name of the folder is created using the Client Name, required as the first option in the Folder Structure when configuring the Collaborate app in FYI.

To ensure clients with matching names will have their own unique folder, the FYI Client ID numerical code is automatically added to the end of the Client Name e.g. "Marshall, Frank-467456". This numerical code must not be modified or removed.

The Client ID is displayed in the URL of the client in FYI. Please note that this is not the Client Code that is displayed in the Client - Summary tab in FYI. An example of the FYI Client ID in the URL is displayed below.


The Share Folder will contain all files and folders relevant to that client, including the "Upload" folder (see below), and the folders as per the Collaborate App settings in FYI. Refer to Configuring the FYI New Collaborate App.

If files are removed from sharing, they will be removed from the Share Folder, however, the folder structure will remain.

Note: External users with access to the Share Folder will be able to see all documents that have been shared. To send a private document that others should not see, the document should be sent via email.

Upload Folder An Upload folder will be created in the Share Folder for every client with access to New Collaborate. This will allow the client to add files that are automatically uploaded into FYI. Refer to Sharing the Share Folder and Upload Folder with Clients

Files in Co-Edit with Client

When Co-Editing a document with a client, the file will be added to the Share Folder.

Once the file has finished Co-Edit with Client, the file will be removed from the Share folder.

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