Receiving Documents from the Upload Folder

When clients add files to their Upload Folder they are automatically imported to FYI and then removed from the Upload Folder.

Note: The sync from the Collaborate site to FYI is performed every 10 minutes.


Filing Uploaded Files

Using AutoFile

Where possible, the imported documents from the Upload Folder will be filed based on the Practice Defaults (if filed based on the user settings, it would be as per the user nominated as the OneDrive Admin). Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for your Practice.

1572 Email AutoFile Defaults.gif

Where Uploaded Documents Cannot be AutoFiled

Where the documents imported from the Upload Folder cannot be auto-filed, they display in the In Tray of the OneDrive admin account as set up when your practice's OneDrive was linked and shared. Refer to Link your OneDrive Admin Account for New Collaborate.

It is recommended that the In Tray for the OneDrive Admin user is shared with other members of the practice so they can file uploaded documents. This is done from within My Settings and the Share tab. Refer to Sharing your In Tray.


Always send Uploaded Documents to the In Tray instead of Being AutoFiled 

If you want uploaded items to be moved to the In Tray instead of being autofiled, set up a Custom Process that will locate the documents using a Filter set to a Document View that has the Source set as "Client Upload" and the date set as "Today". The Custom Process can then use the Alter Document step to change the Filing status to "Unfiled". Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

Identify Uploaded Documents

The Source column can be added to Documents lists and filtered to display all documents with the source of Client Upload. You can include this column in documents views to quickly identify all documents that have been uploaded or for a specific client in Client - Documents


Notify your Team when Client Documents are Uploaded

Use the Source field document view as the basis of a summary notification automation to notify team members that uploaded documents have been received from the client.

This custom process has already been created by the FYI team, ready to be imported to use in your practice. Refer to Client Upload Notification.


Manually Import Documents from the Upload Folder

When files in the Upload Folder do not automatically import to FYI, users can re-try the import of the files.

  1. Go to the Collaborate tab for the relevant client, and click Sharing Settings.
  2. Click Options and select Import Uploads.
  3. This will run an import on the client's Upload folder. Files will be imported into FYI, and the results will be displayed. 
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