Resending the Folder Links Manually

If you need to resend the links to the Share Folder or Upload Folder at any time, either an FYI Admin or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Share Settings can resend the links to the client folders.

  1. Go to the Collaborate tab for the relevant client, and click Sharing Settings.
  2. Click Options and select Upload link to copy the link to your clipboard.
  3. Paste the link directly into an email created in FYI.
  4. Repeat the above steps to copy and paste the Share link.
  5. Send the email directly to the client.
    Note: The links are only available if the folders have already been shared with the client.


When the client opens this link, the Client folders and Upload folder display.

The Collaborate Invitation email template that has been set up for your practice for the email used when initially sending the links can also be used to resend the link by creating an email for your client. This will add the links to the Collaborate Site and Upload Folder that are relevant for that client.
Refer to Setting up Collaborate Email Templates and Assigning Share Permissions.

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