An email that has been filed or sent still shows a grey Draft icon


An email that has been filed or sent is still showing the grey Draft icon. 

Reminder: a blue Draft icon means the email is a draft in FYI, and a grey Draft icon means the draft is in Outlook. Refer to List Icons for more information.


The email was pre-filed using the FYI Add-in but the AutoFile service has not yet processed the change to the status of the email.


This icon usually disappears when the email gets responded to, or when the FYI AutoFile service has fully updated the email.

If you wish to remove the icon earlier you can manually mark the email as "Sent" using the "Share" or "Delivery - Mark Sent" function. The status of the email will be changed to "Sent" and the grey Draft icon will disappear. 

Refer to Mail Register - Updating the Document Delivery Status as Sent or Received

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