Monthly Bookkeeping

This custom process is designed to automatically create Bookkeeping Jobs, correspondence, workpapers and assign a series of tasks to support bookkeeping processing requirements for your clients. 

This process is set up using a client view, to create a job for all Monthly Bookkeeping clients. When using this process, you can:

  • Change this to a job view, to identify all existing Bookkeeping jobs and rollover these jobs to the next month.
  • Copy the process and rename it to Monthly Bookkeeping Job Rollover. This option allows you to maintain both the Monthly Bookkeeping process and the Monthly Bookkeeping Job Rollover process to automatically create new jobs for new monthly bookkeeping clients as well as rollover all bookkeeping jobs to the next period.

Monthly Bookkeeping Process

This process uses the client view and we recommend the following settings:

  • Bookkeeping Frequency’ Custom Field Filter = Monthly
  • Status Filter = Active
  • Enable 'Run Only Once per Client'. This creates the first job for each client that has Monthly Bookkeeping, on the 1st of the following month. It will not run again for the same client.
  • If a new client is onboarded that has Monthly Bookkeeping, the automation will run and a Job will automatically be created at the start of the next month. This means that the Job is created when it is actionable and your practice does not need to manually create a Job for the client.
    Note: Any documents created will be filed against the client only, not the job.

Monthly Bookkeeping Job Rollover Process

This process uses the job view and we recommend the following settings:

  • Create and save a Job View with the following filters:
    • Name Filter = Contains ‘Monthly Bookkeeping.’ The first automation creates and names the initial bookkeeping job, such as 'April Monthly Bookkeeping'.
    • State = All, except Cancelled. This is to ensure that the Job Rollover is based on the prior month's Job, whether the prior month is still in Progress or Complete.
  • This means that the next month's job is created at the start of the next month, unless the prior month's Job has been cancelled.
  • Enable 'Run Only Once per Job'. This controls the rollover, using last month's job to generate this month and then this month to generate next month and so forth.
  • The View is also based on a Job View as it is using ‘Trigger’ for the Job rollover, to copy information from last month's job onto this month's job.

Using both automations is beneficial where you have not yet set up jobs for a client, or you have a new bookkeeping client. 

Copying a Process using the Copy Function

From the List View, you can use the Copy function to copy a Process.

  1. Click the List button to display the processes as a list.
  2. Click the Select button and checkmark the process you want to copy.
  3. Click Copy and confirm the action.

An exact copy of the process is created with "- Copy" appended to the name. You can then edit this copy and make any changes as required.

This custom automation has been created by the FYI team, ready to be imported to use in your practice. To download our quick reference guide click here (or download the file from the bottom of this article).


Importing the Monthly Bookkeeping Custom Automation 

Click here to download the file used to import this example Custom Process, ready for you to test and activate or customise to suit your practice (or download the file from the bottom of this article).

Note: If you are using Chrome as your browser, the link may not automatically download the zip file. You need to right-click on the download link above, select Copy link address and paste it into a new browser tab in the browser's URL field.

When you have downloaded the file you can import the Custom Process. Refer to Importing Custom Processes and Importing Custom Processes using Drag and Drop.

Download Files

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