Payroll Job

This custom process is designed to automatically create Payroll correspondence and assign a series of tasks to support payroll processing requirements for your clients. 

This custom automation has been created by the FYI team, ready to be imported to use in your practice. To download our quick reference guide click here (or download the file from the bottom of this article).


Add Step - Execute Process "Payroll Info Client Request"

You could consider adding an Execute Process at Step 2. The Execute Process step runs a separate Custom Process from within the parent process. In this example, it could execute the Client Request process to automatically send an email to relevant clients to request payroll details.

  1. Click Add Step and select Execute Process.
  2. Select the Process "Client Request".
  3. Ensure Apply New Process Filter is set as "Yes".
  4. Ensure Block Initiating Process set to “No”.

Importing this Custom Automation 

Click here to download the file used to import this example Custom Process, ready for you to test and activate or customise to suit your practice (or download the file from the bottom of this article).

Note: If you are using Chrome as your browser, the link may not automatically download the zip file. You need to right-click on the download link above, select Copy link address and paste it into a new browser tab in the browser's URL field.

When you have downloaded the file you can import the Custom Process. Refer to Importing Custom Processes and Importing Custom Processes using Drag and Drop.

Download Files

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