Synchronising Clients, Users and Jobs with CCH Central (United Kingdom only)

When FYI is integrated with CCH Central, your Clients, Client Contacts, Jobs and Users are imported and continuously synchronised with FYI. Changes made in CCH Central are reflected in FYI.

The sync from CCH Central to FYI happens every 15 minutes.

This ensures that CCH Central continues to be your single source of truth for client information.

Summary of Synchronisation

The following is a summary of what data is currently synced from CCH Central to FYI.

  Event in CCH Central Notes
Clients Create or Edit

All clients, including archived are synced. 

If an entity is listed as a Parent Client in CCH Central, the entity will be created as a Client Group in FYI, and Child Clients will be created as Clients in the Client Group in FYI.

Client Custom Fields Create or Edit

Client Custom Fields will sync to FYI's Custom Fields tab.

Archived Clients Close Client The client is auto-archived in FYI.
Client Addresses Create or Edit Only two address lines appear in FYI.
Client Contacts Create or Edit  
Jobs Create or Edit Only Open jobs will be synced with FYI. Jobs will not be synchronised for archived clients.
Users Create or Edit All active employees must have an email address recorded in CCH Central.

FYI does not currently sync the following: 

  • Client Security - it will need to be set up in FYI directly
  • Time
  • Document and Email Templates
  • Internal Documents such as Policies and Procedures
  • Tax Returns

We will continue to work on these areas so they are included in the future.

Additional Notes:

  • Any data deleted in CCH Central will not be reflected in FYI by the synchronisation.
  • No data is synced from FYI to CCH Central including time.
  • The Open in PM icon does not open the Client in CCH Central.

Field Synchronisation

Click on the headings below to view a list of fields synchronised with FYI.

Client Code
Client Name
Contact Name
First Name
Last Name
Client Manager
Client Manager Email
Company Name
Other Name
Client Partner
Partner's Email
Postal Address
Postal City
Postal Country
Postal Postcode
Postal Region
Physical Address
Physical City
Physical Country
Physical Postcode
Physical Region
Client Details
Client Group
Custom Fields and Values
Custom Fields
Due Date
Start Date

A new user will only be created if the email address does not already exist for another user in either the FYI Email or Alias fields.

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