FYI Microsoft Permissions Update: What is it and what it means for your practice


When your practice originally set up FYI, your FYI Admin would have logged in and been presented with a prompt requesting certain permissions from Microsoft 365 for the FYI app. These permissions were required to allow FYI to integrate with your Microsoft 365 applications.

Since then, Microsoft has changed the platform in which applications are created to their Azure app platform and announced the end-of-life of the previous system.

FYI currently supports the FYI app on both the original app platform and the new Azure platform. However, we no longer have the ability to make changes to the FYI app on the original platform now that it's reached end-of-life.

To ensure practices can continue to work seamlessly with FYI and Microsoft 365 and to benefit from future improvements, it is necessary for FYI Admins to approve a new set of permissions for the “FYI Extension” app which will upgrade your practice to the new Azure app platform.

What do you need to do?

FYI Admins will start to see a banner within FYI in the following weeks prompting them to approve the FYI Extension application. We require all sites to log in and approve the FYI Extension app permissions by 27 April 2023.

Note: To accept the permissions for all users in the Practice, the user needs to be an FYI Admin and a Microsoft 365 administrator. If an FYI admin does not have administrator access to Microsoft 365, the permissions will not be updated successfully. Where your IT team are assisting, they will need to be an active FYI Admin user. If they are not, refer to Setting up an External User for FYI (IT Admin or Consultant).

Your practice FYI Admin can use the link below to log in and accept the permissions on behalf of all users in the practice, ensuring the option "Consent on behalf of your organization" is ticked.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Tick the option Consent on behalf of your organization
  3. Click Accept

Once the permissions have been accepted and the upgrade of the Microsoft Office App is complete you will be presented with the following message in FYI:


What will I see if another FYI Admin has already completed the upgrade?

If another FYI Admin in your practice has already completed the upgrade process, clicking the link above will return you to FYI instantly. You will not see the upgrade messaging.

What happens if my practice does not accept the permissions by the due date?

If your FYI Admin has not logged in before 27 April 2023 (the date FYI intends to turn off support for the original Microsoft app platform) the next time all users log into FYI, they will be presented with a prompt to accept the FYI Extension permissions individually.

FYI will make every attempt to identify practices yet to complete the process and notify your FYI Admin via in-product banners and email.

Why are these permissions required?

The update to permissions ensures practices can continue to work seamlessly with FYI and Microsoft 365 and benefit from future FYI features and improvements.

Update: As of the 26th of April, we have reduced the level of permissions required. You may be prompted to approve additional permissions in the future, but only when you choose to configure FYI features that require those permissions to function correctly.

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