Configuring proxy and firewall settings for FYI Desktop App

When a firewall blocks the FYI Desktop App service, it can block auto-updates from deploying and cause the 'Stop Editing' process on documents to take up to 90 seconds to complete.


For the FYI Desktop App to auto-update and run to the expected 2-3 seconds to stop editing documents, your IT team will need to configure your proxy and firewall settings by adding these domains as exceptions:

  • rest.ably.io
  • realtime.ably.io
  • a.ably-realtime.com
  • b.ably-realtime.com
  • c.ably-realtime.com
  • d.ably-realtime.com
  • e.ably-realtime.com

Note: If a user is constantly asked to log into FYI Desktop without success, the URL 'api-ap-southeast-2.fyi.app' (Australia and New Zealand) or 'api-eu-west-2.fyi.app' (United Kingdom) may be blocked and needs to be added to the exclusion list.

Additional Information

  • FYI Desktop uses the standard HTTPS port 443 for Web sockets and HTTP traffic over TLS
  • More information is available from this link
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