March 2023: What's New and Improved



We are excited to announce an expansion of the Practice Sync apps to synchronise your practice software with FYI. For information on your chosen software, refer to:

In addition, we have added a new integration with CCH Workpapers (available to New Zealand users only) to streamline the process of completing annual financials. Users can easily attach document links from FYI directly to the workpaper, searching by Client, Cabinet and Document Name. Refer to Integration with CCH Workpapers (New Zealand only).

Other recent highlights include:

  • You can now import Notice of Assessment documents from Xero Tax without a payable Due Date. To make the change, a user with Automations permissions can enable a new toggle "Consider notices of assessment complete without payable date" in the Xero Tax automation app settings. Once the toggle has been enabled, only Notices of Assessment with a Date of Issue after the date the toggle was enabled will import into FYI. Refer to Enabling Xero Tax Integration (Australia and New Zealand Only)

  • We have improved the error message displayed in the Document drawer for users trying to access a document in a cabinet they don’t have access to. The error message will include both the Document reference and the Cabinet Name. For more information on managing access to Cabinets, refer to Managing User Groups.

  • We have introduced a new End of Month date option for Automations and bulk updates to Client and Jobs date fields. When the update is performed, the last day of the current month will be selected, or if running an Automation process, the last day of the month when the process runs. Refer to Setting up Automation Processes, Clients Bulk Update, or Jobs Bulk Update.

  • FYI admins and champions can quickly review all users to determine who has completed the Prework exercises. This is available in the Learn Dashboard view in the User’s List. Refer to Prework for New Users.

For further details on the features mentioned above and more refer to March 2023 Release Notes.

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