Product Update (March 2023)



This 60-minute webinar introduces some exciting new features and tips to save you even more time and to help you get the most value out of FYI. We've also lifted the lid on our product roadmap to give you a look into some of the exciting new features on the horizon, including an early sneak peek at New Collaborate

You can watch the full 60-minute recording here.

For those short on time, here is a quick recap.

New Task Templates

Task Templates can be created to ensure tasks are always presented with the format, instructions and due dates required by your practice. Users can select a template when creating a task which pre-populates the details of the task. This improves productivity and quality controls with standardised content that can only be maintained by FYI Admins, or a user in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Templates. 

What's new in Automations

We have enhanced the Execute Process Step for automations, giving you more flexibility when branching your processes. Our new block initiating process option allows you to block the initiating process until the execute process step has been successfully completed.

The functionality for our Alter Document Step has been extended to allow you to change filing details, add tasks or comments to a document automatically, allowing you to work contextually in a streamlined and automated process.

Convert to PDF is now available for your automations, saving you even more time. This is useful for example if you want to email a document as a PDF attachment. In the Convert to PDF step, in the Action section, the Document field indicates which document to convert in the process.

More functionality is also available for the Update Job Step including the ability to update the current job or a specific job, set a specific date or today’s date and to set any job custom fields you have created automatically.

Our library of automations continues to grow and we're excited to present a new Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Job Process automation now available to import into your platform, just in time for FBT season. This automation will draft client emails, create an FBT workpaper and guide your team through a series of tasks to complete FBT jobs.

In addition, a new summary notification for Draft Filed Reminder is ready for you to import straight into your platform. This automation sends notifications to each of the relevant users when there are 'Draft Filed' emails or documents in their In Tray, ensuring that the team are keeping on top of their In Tray filing. Let FYI do the heavy lifting and notify you at the right time.

What's new in Integrations

We are excited to announce our recent integration with Microsoft Teams, giving you more choice on how to receive notifications from FYI. When FYI is integrated with Teams, users can select to have notifications sent to Teams instead of via Email. Notifications are sent from FYI when a user has been assigned a Task, a Task that the user initiated has been completed or when a user is "mentioned" in a Comment.

We're also announcing a new integration with Notud. Notud allows users to handwrite notes on their iPad, tablet or other device and have these easily and securely filed to FYI as a PDF.

A number of enhancements have been made to existing app integrations to improve day to day experience including:

  • Introducing a new Package Only option for BGL integrations, giving you the choice to import only signed documents into FYI.
  • If you're using NowInfinity and you have multiple accounts, you now have the choice to sync any sub accounts with FYI.
  • The 10MB file size limitation has been removed for those who are using FuseSign for their digital signing provider making it easier to send large documents out for signing.

More support and training

Announcing our intelligent FYI Support Bot in the platform, to provide you on demand and in product support quickly and easily. We’ve also included the ability to record videos of your specific issue so our support team can resolve your queries faster.

We are also excited to announce our hands on, in product, learning experience, Prework, complimenting and extending our eLearning platform, Learn. Hands-on with FYI really is the best way to reinforce skills acquired from Learn courses. And using our Sample Clients will allow your team to safely practice their new skills and ensures the integrity of your client information is always maintained.

What's new for FYI Administrators

There’s been several enhancements released to improve the platform including refinements to Email AutoFile, allowing you more control and flexibility when using the autofile engine. We’ve given you the choice to AutoFile emails only (Attachments sent to In Tray), as well as the ability to Exclude email signature images from filing and finally each individual user has control over the level of Email AutoFile they’d like to apply to their inbox.

You asked for it, and we have delivered enhancements to In Tray functionality, allowing you to filter your In Tray using Source and other Category options.

We also released two new fonts for your Practice Styling defaults, Trebuchet and Calibri.

And finally some important enhancements for managing and maintaining FYI, we’ve released the ability to Archive a Custom View and also made a number of enhancements to Practice Activity logs to include; failed timesheet entries, overnight XPM sync fails including a prompt to perform a manual sync, if you’re using OneDrive sync any failed attempts to load the Practice Sync now adds this as an entry into Practice Activity.

On the roadmap

Coming soon is the highly anticipated Xplan integration, allowing you to choose which documents can be stored in FYI. If you'd like to join our beta list for this integration fill out your details here.

Our NEW Collaborate feature uses SharePoint to provide more functionality, practice branding capabilities and a permanent location for an easier experience when sharing documents with your clients.

We show you what this new experience will look like when sharing a document with a client from the practice's perspective as well as what your client will experience when receiving and accessing their documents.

If you'd like to join our beta list for this new feature fill out your details here.

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