March 2023 Release Notes




  • You can now import Notice of Assessment documents from Xero Tax without a payable Due Date. The Xero Tax automation app settings has a new toggle "Consider notices of assessment complete without payable date". Once enabled, any Notice of Assessment with a payable/refund amount and a "Date of Issue" will be considered complete, and trigger tax automation processes. The new toggle will apply for any Notice of Assessment with a Date of Issue after the date the toggle is enabled. Refer to Enabling Xero Tax Integration (Australia and New Zealand Only)

  • We've improved the error message displayed in the Document Drawer in both FYI and Office when trying to access a document in a cabinet you don't have access to. The new error message will include both the Document reference and the Cabinet Name. Access to Cabinets is controlled via User Groups, for more information refer to Managing User Groups.

  • For our New Zealand users, we've added a new integration with CCH Workpapers. Streamline the process of completing annual financials, by easily attaching document links from FYI directly to the workpaper, searching by Client, Cabinet and Document Name. Refer to Integration with CCH Workpapers (New Zealand only).



  • Tags are successfully retained on NowInfinity documents imported into FYI after automations have been processed.
  • We've improved the ability to process larger volumes of automation process notifications triggered at the same time. 
  • Task field data will be retained if removing a Task Template from the task.
  • Deleting a tag now removes the tag from documents. 





  • We've introduced a new End of Month option for Automations and bulk updates to Client and Jobs date fields. This option is available for Job Start and Due Dates, and any Custom Fields using the "Date" type. When the update is performed, the last day of the current month will be selected, or if running an Automation process, the last day of the month when the process runs. Refer to Setting up Automation ProcessesClients Bulk Update, or  Jobs Bulk Update.


  • Custom Field names are now displayed in alphabetical order within Practice settings.
  • Disabling "Workflow Jobs" within Practice Settings will now restrict automation processes from running for workflow jobs already imported from XPM.
  • We've added the Budget Summary Report to the "Client Ledger Reports AutoFile" Custom Automation process. If you have already activated this automation process you will need to reset back to the initial settings to add the report. If you have customised the process, for example, modified the filing details, you can click Add Step and manually add the report to your process without losing your changes.
  • When selecting a job from the Jobs Board, a task can be created from the Update Job drawer.
  • When viewing a Task with a blank Editor window and clicking on a new Task, the Editor window refreshes to show the new Task and Task Details.
  • A message will be displayed if users try to edit a file in FYI where the file is still being synchronised from the FYI Desktop app.
  • Documents with invalid characters or leading spaces will have the characters removed when uploading the file to FYI. Invalid characters include '&', '#', and '%'.  For example, the filename "Luke&Leia.docx' will become 'LukeLeia.docx', and ' Document Name.docx' (note the leading space) will become 'Document Name.docx'.




  • XPM synchronisations are now scheduled to run from 8 pm AEST.
  • When users are assigned Approval levels of Final Review" or "First Review" any Workflow Status can be selected when approving emails and documents.
  • Comments that are edited to mention another user will display the user's name within the comment.




  • In the Users list, the Learn Dashboard view now displays Prework by default, to allow FYI admins and champions to quickly review all users who have completed the Prework exercises. Refer to Prework for New Users.

  • When creating or maintaining Custom Fields, the Custom Field drawer displays to the right to enter details for the custom field, whilst continuing to display all Custom Fields in the list. Refer to Managing Custom Fields.


  • In the BGL App in the Automations workspace, when the “Packages Only” setting is set to "On", only signed Annual Company Statements are imported. 
  • When renaming Job States in XPM, a new State is created in FYI once the change is synchronised. This is now case sensitive, which means if you change a Job State from 'In progress' to 'In Progress', a new State will be created. It's important to sync the changes to FYI. Refer to Renaming a Job State in Xero Practice Manager in Job States.
  • When creating Tasks for Jobs and then switching between the tasks, the Job displays in the Task drawer.  
  • When Custom Fields are synced from XPM and Jobs and Client lists are exported to CSV or Excel, all custom fields displayed in the lists are exported.
  • In Email AutoFile settings, if Exclude Internal Emails is set to 'Off' and your AutoFile Mode is set to 'AutoFile Else In Tray', then emails sent internally display in your In Tray for filing.




  • Should your monthly FYI subscription become overdue, a notification will display in the platform directing FYI admins to update billing details or contact support for the next steps. Refer to Billing Details.

  • The Migrate App display now includes a help article link to quickly access additional information on the status of the migration.

  • Implementors, the following changes have been made to Migrate App.
    • The Year format YYYY-YY will now automatically assign the Year category to the YY. For example, 1999-20 will match to 2020. 
    • Where a Client Code, Export Code or part of the Client Name enclosed in brackets matches a Year, Migrate App will not automatically match to the Year. An unmatched client will be created. 
    • Where the Client Code or Export code is three characters or less, it will not automatically match to a Client. An unmatched client will be created. 
    • Refer to Implementors: Live Import.


  • In Jobs - Workflow Jobs lists, when Workflow Jobs are synced from XPM, the Refresh icon displays the updated list for the Billing Job.
  • In Jobs lists, all numeric columns are right-aligned for consistent formatting.
  • When assigning users, for example to a task or an email, the list of users displays in alphabetical order rather than by creation date.
  • In Jobs lists, when job values are updated in the Update Job drawer, any aggregated values are automatically updated.
  • When importing documents from NowInfinity, spaces in the ACN field are ignored when matching between NowInfinity and your practice management software.
  • When creating a task for a Job from the Jobs workspace, and the job contains a Job Category, it will automatically default for the task.
  • When creating or editing a Task or Task Template, the Task Details use the default font from Practice Settings - Admin - Settings. When no font is assigned, the default family font is applied.
  • When a user is set to Inactive, the user name will remain in the Modified by column in Documents lists.
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