Announcing Task Templates



We are excited to announce the highly anticipated release of ‘Task Templates, a new feature that will significantly reduce the time spent re-typing repetitive task instructions for team members.

What does this mean for FYI users?

  • Improves efficiency and accelerates standard communication for repetitive tasks across your practice
  • Removes the need to manually enter task details each time and avoids confusion on who to delegate the task to and when its due
  • Enhances the quality of process instructions by providing the right information required to successfully complete assigned tasks, every time
  • Combined with Task Categories, such as a Priority to help users identify, action and manage high priority tasks
  • There is no change to how tasks are managed, assigned tasks created from Task Templates will still appear in Tasks Lists and the Tasks Board.


Who is this available for?

Task Templates is available to all practices.

Want to get started?

There are two steps to get started:

Firstly, an FYI Admin needs to enable this feature for your practice. Refer to Setting up Task Templates.

An FYI Admin or a user with Templates permissions will create Task Templates for your practice. Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates to get started. 

What's next?

Once Task Templates are set up, users can select a template when creating a task from within FYI, Outlook and Office. Refer to Creating Tasks.

You can also create tasks from Task Templates in Automations, using the Create Task step or when creating a task for a document or email when the process runs. Refer to Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks.





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