December 2022: What's New and Improved



That’s a wrap for another year! 2022 was our fourth year serving the accounting and bookkeeping community, and our best one yet. 

To reflect on such a great year, we saw 214 enhancements requests released, and our community grow to 916 practices and 14,352 active users!

How can we top such a great year you ask? Well, watch this space!  The team are continuing to work on providing you with even more efficiencies and productivity tools. 2023 might just be the best yet….


  • This month we continued to bring further enhancements to Client Security. In Clients Lists, you can now easily display and filter if your clients have Security enabled. To do this, add the “Security Enabled” and “Authorised Users” columns to your list. This provides an easy way to review your client security and ensure the correct access is provided to the right users. Refer to Client Security.


  • The “Name (multi)” column is now available in Jobs Lists. You can filter on this column, select one or more job names and save the View. All jobs sharing common names will populate into the relevant views, removing the need to update lists to include new jobs. Refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists.


Here are additional enhancements now available in FYI:

  • In Clients Lists, you can now sort the Client Code” column in ascending or descending order. The list can be saved as a view and used to assist with maintaining data integrity with your practice management software.
  • Salutation now displays in the Clients – Summary tab.  This field is synchronised from your practice management software and allows, at a glance to ensure this data is up to date before creating certain documents in FYI that use this merge field.  Refer to Displaying Information for a Client.


  • Increased functionality when creating jobs directly within FYI, using the Set Custom Field in the Job drawer. You can select and set one or more Custom Fields for a Job. For example, select the custom field for Accountant, and allocate to the relevant user as you create the Job. Refer to Create Job in FYI.


  • When selecting a task, the Details section of the drawer is now set to read only. Select Editor in the drawer to add or update task details, with these details automatically populating the ready only section of the task drawer. 

  • Adding even more efficiencies when displaying a Task, you can click the Comments icon in the drawer to create a comment whilst still displaying the task details. 
    Refer to
    Using the Task Drawer to learn more about using these features.

  • After submitting a time entry, a new time status ‘Syncing’ will display, to quickly identify if the time sync to Xero Practice Manger is still in progress.  For more information on the time syncing function, refer to Displaying and Updating Time.

  • In all lists, the Copy View Link icon for a specific view can be selected to copy to your clipboard and can be pasted inside or outside of FYI for quick access. Refer to Copying a Link to a View.


For further details on the features mentioned above and more refer to December 2022 Release Notes.


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