Requirements for documents to be imported from Companies House

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The following are the requirements for documents to be imported from Companies House.

  • Client has Company Number set up in FYI
    You will only see documents if you have added the 8-digit company number to the client in FYI. The company number is displayed in the Tax & Company section in the Clients - Summary tab. The format of the company number is the same as it displays in Companies House, for example 09999999.

To learn how to update client information, refer to Client Summary.

  • Documents sync to FYI at 4.30 am GST 
    If a document was received into Companies House today, you will see it in FYI tomorrow as the automation pulls documents into FYI from 4.30am GMT.

    The documents are imported as PDF and the name of imported documents is taken from the Description in Companies House.

  • The Start Date of the Automation Process
    When the Companies House - Import Documents Automation is set to Active, it will automatically run from the Start From date specified in the Automation. The first sync will import all documents for your clients where the Company Number and Structure conditions are met, and subsequent syncs will import all new documents. Refer to Import from Companies House.

If documents are not imported

  • Check if there are any errors shown on the Activity of the relevant Process (refer to Process History and Activity).
    Check if there are any errors shown the in Practice - Activity tab (refer to Practice Activity).

    Any documents that are not imported due to an error will be imported the next time a sync is able to be completed.
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