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Integrate FYI with Companies House to automatically import and file documents against the relevant client in FYI.

The Annual Accounts, Confirmation Statement and other corporate documents from Companies House are filed against the client and can be viewed in the Clients - Documents tab.

Notes on the Import from Companies House

  • Companies House documents are synced to FYI every day at 4.30 am GMT. If a document is filed to Companies House today, you will see it in FYI after the synchronisation the following morning. Refer to Connecting Companies House to FYI.

  • The FYI automation matches the 8-digit Company Number and will only import documents where the Company Number in Companies House matches the Company Number in FYI. This is visible in the Clients - Summary tab.

  • FYI imports all documents filed in Companies House, including Annual Accounts, Confirmation Statements and other corporate documents.

To Import from Companies House

  1. First, link Companies House to FYI. Refer to Connecting Companies House to FYI.
  2. Set up the Automation Process to run the import.

Set up the Automation Process to Import

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Go to the Processes tab.
  3. In Companies House - Import Documents, click the cog icon to edit the process.

    The Companies House - Import Documents process displays.


The Trigger is set to "New Document".

The Filter for this process is Document Source is "Companies House Document".

The Owner is set by default as the user who made the process active and this can be changed if required. If the process fails, an email will be sent to this user as notification. You can set this as "Me" to set yourself as the owner.

Start From allows you to enter the date from which you want to start retrieving the documents. If you enter a date in the past, this will import documents from that date. This will only import documents that have not already been imported.

Note: If you need to reset the process, for example, if the step was deleted, click Reset. This will restore the process back to the default configurations. 

Process Step(s)

The Step defines the settings to import documents from Companies House.

The Action is set to Trigger Document. 

Open the Filing section in the drawer.


The Name of the document is set the Original File Name of the document imported.

AutoFile is disabled so the document will be filed using the settings in this process step.

Select the default Cabinet to file the documents to, such as Correspondence.

The Year is set to the Merge Field to file the document in the correct Year.

Add Categories and select the default Categories to file the documents to. To create an additional category to file imported documents to, refer to Managing Categories.

Set the Filing option to be "Filed". 

In the Workflow section, the Owner is set as the client's Manager. This will send the document to the client's Manager's In Tray.

You can change any options for Filing, Workflow, or creating a Task, and enable Comments as required (refer to Automation Notifications). You can add steps if required (refer to Automation Process Steps).

The options available in the Workflow Status drop-down will depend on the Approval Level assigned to the user in their User Profile. For example, a User with an Approval Level of None will not be able to view or select "Pending Client Signature". Refer to Workflow Basics and Managing Users

Click Save to save your changes.

To make this process active, change the Status to "Active". Once the connection has been made with FYI, and the process is set to Active, any new documents in Companies House are automatically imported into FYI.

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