Creating Tasks from the Task Templates List

When creating a standalone task or adding a task to an email or document, a Task Template can be selected to pre-populate the task details. Task Templates can be selected when creating a Task from within FYI or from Office and Outlook. Refer to Creating a Stand-Alone Task and Adding a Task to an Email or Document.

Tasks can also be created from the Knowledge - Task Templates tab. To ensure you have selected the correct task, select a task from the Task Templates list and display the details for the template.


  1. To create a task from the Task Templates tab in the Knowledge workspace, select a Template and click Create.

    The task details pre-populate based on the Task Template selected.

  2. Select or update any fields for the task. Apart from Task Name, Delegator and Due Date, all other fields are optional. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

  3. Click Create.
    The assignee is notified about the task and the task is displayed in Task lists in FYI.
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