Enabling Task Templates

Task Templates can be created to ensure tasks are always presented with the format, instructions and due dates required by your practice.

Users can select a template when creating a task which pre-populates the details of the task. This improves productivity and quality controls with standardised content that can only be maintained by FYI Admins, or a user in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Templates. Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates.

Enabling Task Templates

An FYI Admin can enable Task Templates for your practice. Once enabled, the Task Templates tab will be added to the Knowledge screen. 

  1. From Practice Settings, go to General and select the Tasks tab.
  2. Set the Task Templates setting to "On".

Refer to Managing Practice Settings.

Using the Knowledge - Task Templates List

The Task Templates tab in the Knowledge workspace displays a list of Task Templates that can be selected when creating a Task.


When one or more Task Templates are selected, a toolbar will be displayed at the top. Right-click on a Task to display the toolbar as a pop-up menu.


The Task Templates tab is where FYI Admins or users with Templates permissions can create and edit the templates.

Note: The Task Templates tab is not a Cabinet in FYI. It will not display in the Cabinets list in Practice Settings or as an option in the Cabinets column when filtering on Lists or saving files.

Managing Permissions for Task Templates

Standard Users can display the list of Task Templates and filter, search and sort using the Columns and Filters tabs. They can also display the default values for a Template and create tasks directly from the Task Templates List.

Task Templates can be set up and maintained by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Templates. Refer to Managing User Groups.


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