January 2023 Release Notes




  • FYI can now integrate with Companies House, a register of all UK Ltd companies. The integration allows FYI to import documents that have been filed to Companies House and displays them in Clients - Documents lists. This is applicable to UK practices. To learn more about setting this integration up, refer to Connecting Companies House to FYI.

  • Introducing FYI's Support Bot. When initiating a Support Request by clicking the ? within FYI, the Support Bot will automatically open and prompt users to respond to a few simple questions. Based on your responses, further details will be requested and a support request will be created on your behalf.
    It's quick, interactive and captures key information about your query or issue, submitting the support request on your behalf. Refer to Using the Support Bot.


  • In Email AutoFile - Settings - Exclusion, the exclusion list pre-populates with a default list of email domains. When the Email AutoFile setting "Exclude External Emails" is set to off, the exclusion list is used to exclude emails from those domains, ensuring you are getting the most out of filing external emails from contacts such as Solicitors or Financial Planners. This is currently available to new practices. Refer to Email AutoFile Best Practice.

  • When a client is created in FYI from Zapier, the client synchronises to XPM as part of the next client synchronisation.

  • When auto-filing client emails and the Cabinet selected in the Filing Defaults that has been applied has any Categories set as "Required", a value for this must be available from the defaults. If these are not available, the email or document cannot be auto-filed. The Activity section in the drawer includes details of the draft filed email, including the Category with the missing value. Refer to Introduction to Email AutoFile.

  • In Documents Lists, the source column can be filtered on the value "FYI". There are additional values included in the Source column to filter where document filing originated from. The additional values are Automation, Email Prefile, Outlook and Office Drawer. 


  • When running a Job custom process from Clients - Processes, all jobs from the client group are available to be selected when the 'Show jobs by client' setting is de-selected in Practice Settings - Admin - Settings.
  • When exporting Jobs lists to CSV or Excel, the Created By and Modified By columns can be included in the export, displaying the relevant names.
  • When users are set to inactive, the cache is cleared to ensure the user can no longer be selected in user fields.
  • When Billing and Workflow Jobs are set to state "On Hold" and labels are updated in XPM,  the job details are updated in FYI.
  • When an email attachment is a msg type (another email) and the attached email includes  attachments, once filed, both the attached email file and attachments show as filed and can be previewed in FYI.
  • Sample and Custom Process Automations are part of the Intermediate and Pro plans. Should a practice change plan from Pro or Intermediate to Starter Plan, custom processes will no longer execute as per the schedule.




  • When selecting a View from Practice Settings - Documents - Views, all updates made to a View are displayed in the Activity section in the drawer. This includes what the update was, who made the update and when the update was made. Refer to Managing Views.

  • When submitting a time entry to Xero Practice Manager (XPM), if the user does not exist in XPM the time entry will revert to Draft and a message will display in the Activity section of the drawer and in Practice Activity.



  • When sending attachments via Email, Include as PDF initially defaults to "Off". When you select Include as PDF "On" or "Off", that choice will default the next time you send attachments via Email. Refer to Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI.

  • Calibri and Trebuchet MS are now available as fonts in FYI and can be set as a 'Default Font' in Practice Settings. Refer to Formatting and Fonts using the Editor in FYI.

  • From Practice Settings, the Default Font and Font Size can now be cleared by clicking 'X'. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.

  • When updating a Job in FYI, it will be marked with a 'Pending Sync' tag while waiting for the updates to be synced with Xero Practice Manager. This tag is located beside the Job Name in the Job Summary and prevents updates from being overwritten by a users selecting the Sync from PM button. Once the updates have synced to Xero Practice Manager, the tag will be cleared. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager.


  • When using FYI Desktop App to edit documents, changes are saved if a user clicks 'Force stop editing' and then immediately opens the document via FYI Desktop App again. 



  • Prework for New Users is now available for all practices. The purpose of Prework is to take knowledge from Learn and get hands-on with sample clients in your FYI platform before going live. It is applicable for new practices going live with FYI as well as new team members joining existing practices.
    • Once activated, Prework is triggered via an automation as soon as each user completes the Building your Foundations Learn course. Emails, documents, jobs and tasks are automatically populated for a sample client and each user works through a set of interactive exercises to build competency within the platform. 
    • Ideally, users would complete Prework in the week leading up to going live with FYI.
      Refer to Prework for New Users to learn more.


  • Managing Job States:
    • When managing Job States in Practice Settings, the Order column is now available, displaying the numerical sequence in which the Job States display. To re-order Job States, select a Job State and use the Move up and Move down buttons. Refer to Managing Job States.
    • When creating a Job in FYI or XPM and sorting on Job State in Jobs Lists, the sort order is based on the sequence in which the Job States show in Practice Settings without refreshing the list.

  • When using FuseSign for digital signing, the 10MB file size limitation is no longer applicable. Refer to Digital Signatures using FuseSign.

  • The 'Email AutoFile' Practice Setting can no longer be toggled On or Off. It is now set to 'On' for the practice and maintained at the User level. Refer to Introduction to Email AutoFile and Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults. 

  • When saving Microsoft Excel and Word documents using the FYI Add-in, an error message will appear if the file has not been saved before attempting to file to FYI. This ensures that the file format is respected when saved to FYI. Refer to Saving an Office Document to FYI.

  • When updating Custom Fields for Clients using 'FYI - Practice Sync', the custom fields now sync to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Integration with Generic Practice Management Software.


  • When exporting documents from an email link containing stapled documents, all stapled documents are exported, rather than exporting the first stapled document.
  • The Bulk Update button has been removed from the Task drawer when selecting a task from a Document or Job.
  • When unlinking documents that are part of a thread, a unique identifier is created to ensure the unlinked documents are no longer threaded together.
  • Emails and attachments can be re-filed after they have previously been removed from FYI. 
  • Processes run on Archived and Unmatched Clients will now display in the client's 'Process History' tab. 
  • When viewing Task Lists for practices with the Practice Setting 'Task Security' enabled, the List will only populate with Tasks that have been filed to cabinets the user has access to. 
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