November 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we continued to bring further New List enhancements to Jobs with the ability to export a job list to Excel with Excel Report from the View Tools on the right-hand side of the list. The exported .xlsx file is fully formatted making your job reporting even easier. Refer to Exporting a Jobs List as an Excel Spreadsheet - Excel Report in Exporting Lists.



We have also continued to refine Email AutoFile Settings for practices with two new additions:

  1. The introduction of Exclude Email Stationery Images. When turned "On", attachments with a file format of jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, SVG or bmp and are less than 40 Kb are excluded from being auto-filed. Where these files types are equal to or greater than 40Kb, they will be auto-filed. Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.

  2. FYI Admins can now update the AutoFile mode of their users in bulk, from the Users List in Practice Settings. This makes it even easier to review and update your team's Email AutoFile settings. Refer to Managing Users.


Here are additional enhancements now available in FYI:

  • The Xero Tax Return Automation Process is now available for New Zealand practices.
  • The Alter Document  step in Automation Processes can be used to alter the filing details of a document, meeting note, phone call record or file note that has been created in that Process. It can also be used to add a Task or Comment to the document or record created. Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.
  • The Client Partner and Client Manager are now available in Jobs lists. Job Partner and Job Manager remain available and the additional columns allow richer insights into practice's workflow. Refer to Job Partner/Manager and Client Partner/Manager in Jobs Lists in Using the Jobs Lists with New Lists.

  • In the Job - Summary tab when editing a Job, you can now type over the Start Date or Due Date as well as use the pop-up calendar. Refer to Editing a Job in Job Summary.

  • The Quick Access  drop-down from the Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and Automation menu options includes a Search view option making it even easier to locate the view you need. You can also now copy a View link to share with others in your practice. Refer to Quick Access to Views, Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and AutomationSearching in Lists and Copying a Link to a View.

For further details on the features mentioned above and more refer to November 2022 Release Notes.

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