Announcing 'Prework', get hands-on before going live!



We are pleased to announce the release of 'Prework', an exciting addition to our training plan for new users. Prework allows users to take knowledge from Learn courses and put it into practice, with interactive exercises and sample clients within your FYI platform.

What does Prework mean for FYI users?

  • Provides the ability to get hands-on in your FYI platform using a set of sample clients, documents, emails, tasks and jobs before going live
  • Prework is delivered via an Automation and is set up and ready to go, your FYI Admin just needs to activate
  • It's perfect for new practices onboarding with FYI and new team members joining existing FYI practices
  • Easily monitor user completion, to ensure your team is up and running with FYI from day 1
  • Clean-up is a breeze, safely removing sample content.

Who is this available for?

All practices, new and existing.

Want to get started?

FYI Admins and users with Automations permissions can refer to Prework for New Users to get started for your practice.

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