October 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we completed the rollout of New Lists to FYI – with Tasks and Jobs

  • The release of Tasks New Lists also included the Tasks Board, a Kanban style board for easy maintenance and visibility of tasks across your practice.
  • Jobs New lists included the release of exciting new features – grouping and calculations of value columns such as actuals and budgets.

Based on your feedback, we re-introduced the Cabinet Explorer to Documents lists. On the left-hand side of Documents lists, as well as the Columns and Filters tabs the Cabinet Explorer tab is now available

The Cabinet Explorer can be used to select a Cabinet which then displays the Categories and the Category options that are relevant for the selected Cabinet. Refer to Using the Cabinet Explorer.


Here are additional enhancements now available in FYI:

  • When submitting a Support Request from within FYI, you can click the Record Video button and record and attach a Loom video to your request. This allows you to easily capture the issue on hand and provides an invaluable resource to the FYI Support Team. Refer to Sending a Support Request.

  • Additional information is visible in Practice Activity, including if all or part of an overnight sync with your Practice Management Software fails, it is recorded for your attention and follow-up. Refer to Practice Activity.

  • For sites integrated with BGL, there is a new option Package Only in the BGL App. This is a Beta release and this is set as "Off" by default. When Package Only is enabled, only signed documents are imported. The signed documents are imported as a package. Refer to Connecting your BGL account to FYI.

  • Capacity Planning is now formally in a Beta release, making it one step closer to being released to the FYI platform. Capacity Planning will provide the ability to forecast the time required for completion of Jobs, over a selected time period. The report then compares the required time to the available time. As this is such a critical area, Beta testing will continue for some time.

  • Clicking the down arrow next to the Automation menu now provides quick access to the last 5 Processes you have opened, making it super easy to access commonly used Processes.

  • When the Preview pane is open for an Email or Document, you can now view and create Comments while leaving the Preview pane open, making it super easy to use Comments whilst reviewing the document.

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to October 2022 Release Notes.

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