Issues when bulk exporting using Cyberduck

Cyberduck is a third-party application that allows secure uploading and downloading of files between servers and computers via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

The following is an overview of troubleshooting tips and guidance when using Cyberduck for bulk exporting files from FYI.

Error - Access Denied, Please Verify Disk Permissions

An error "Access Denied... Please verify disk permissions" displays when attempting to export documents


The destination file path is too long and causes the error to display, as Windows has a limit of 256 characters.


Set only the required categories when configuring the export.

FYI recommends Client Name, Category - Year and Cabinet as a default configuration.

Note: A .csv file containing all metadata is exported as part of the bulk export process. Refer to Index .csv File and Additional Metadata in Bulk Export.

Error - Login Failed, Exhausted Available Authentication Methods

When attempting to perform an export using Cyberduck, the error "Login failed. Exhausted available authentication methods" displays.


This issue could be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • The Export has not finished yet
  • The username specified does not belong to an active FYI account, or the regenerated keys have not been used to perform an export yet. Earlier keys will not work if a different email address is used to regenerate the keys.
  • An email alias has been set against the User's FYI Profile. 
  • The Username is case-sensitive, and may not have been entered incorrectly.


Check the username has been entered correctly (using upper and lower case where required) and that sufficient time has passed before trying the export. 

If a reasonable amount of time has passed and you're still encountering the error, ensure that the username added to the connection window is an active FYI account. Refer to the Security section in Bulk Export.

Regenerated keys (.pem file) must be used to execute an export so that the keys are created in AWS. If the regenerated keys have not executed an export yet, the connection cannot be established.

Ensure that the regenerated keys have been used to run an export first. Once the export has been completed, use the FYI username and regenerated keys (.pem) to view previous exports or export documents.

Check an email alias has not been set for the User in the User Profile Drawer. Refer to Managing Users.

If an alias has been set, the user will need to use the email address displaying at Email to log into Cyberduck.

Warning - Unknown Fingerprint

A warning "Unknown Fingerprint" displays when connecting via SFTP to export documents from FYI


The window displays as it is asking to verify the identity of the server that is being accessed


Tick "Always" from the bottom left corner and then select Allow

Export Taking a Long Time

My export is taking a long time.


Software updates to the FYI platform will restart any export in progress.


FYI performs weekly releases, which occur on Thursday evenings. You should plan for your export to be performed around this time.

Error - Interoperability failure

An error "Interoperability Failure: Connection blocked because the server only allows public key authentication" displays when attempting to perform a bulk export.


The network may be blocking SFTP connections, which prevents the connection to AWS from being established. Or the public host key has changed due to a new export being performed, and the .pem file generated from FYI can no longer be used to authenticate the connection.


Consider using a different network connection, or have IT review the firewall settings to ensure the connection can be established.

Ensure the correct .pem file is being used in Cyberduck. Otherwise, regenerate the .pem file and perform a new export. Refer to Bulk Export.

If the issue persists, please contact FYI Support.

Error - Login failed. Too many authentication failures. 

An error "Login failed. Too many authentication failures. Please contact your web hosting service provider for assistance" displays when attempting to log in to Cyberduck.


The bulk export is still in progress. The structure and account have not finalised their configuration.

The bulk export process runs between 6pm - 6am. Refer to What time does FYI process Bulk Exports requests?


Wait until the export has finished and retry.

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